Indians leading MNCs

So many Indians are leading the international giants. Twitter is the next one. But I wonder why none of them come up with any pro-India content or policies. The MNCs hire Indian CEOs because they don’t want India to develop its products like China. Most of these companies are successful because of Indian followers andContinue reading “Indians leading MNCs”

Indians don’t cry enough

The biggest problem with Us is we never cried enough to draw attention of UN or international media in last seventy years. Before that there was none to hear our plea and sufferings we were going through. We never accepted that we are getting slaughtered only because of our religious identity or preference for lastContinue reading “Indians don’t cry enough”

Indian Education System

The biggest problem with the Indian government is they are asking the general public to contribute or comment on what they think about changing the content. Please note that the public is least bothered about what is being taught in the school. They all have studied the same school material and know it is uselessContinue reading “Indian Education System”

What’s the future of social media

When I was busy collecting content for my website, many people commented that your social media is not updated. I was forced to start working on social media updates and hired a special team to do it. I will manage that team to keep adding content from my website to all those accounts. It’sContinue reading “What’s the future of social media”

Why silicon vally is left supporter

I am going to share an experiment done by my team under my guidance. They opened ten different accounts on famous social media platforms. their products were meant for kids and young mothers. So they were expecting only those women to follow them. Each account got 50 followers on an average for their content andContinue reading “Why silicon vally is left supporter”

India before Mughals

A beautiful pic I found on WhatsApp group. Cherish. Be proud of where we are born, what we do, how we do, it’s a huge legacy worth living for and even more worth fighting for, since it’s under attack since a thousand years.Remember one thing, there must be something terribly right about this system whichContinue reading “India before Mughals”

Sharda pujan / chopda pujan

Chopda pujan or Sharda pujan is done on Dipawali day wherein the books of accounts are worshipped. I always keep my laptop also for pujan as that’s my lifeline for work.I also ensure that I do the pujan in the presence of Shastriji who has graduated from any reputed Ved Pathshala and expert in karmakand.Continue reading “Sharda pujan / chopda pujan”

us elections

So true. Those so called Idiot IT professionals in Silicon Valley who didn’t vote for him failed to see larger picture. As usual they were just bothered what was promised to them regarding their jobs. Typical working class mentality who don’t want to rise above prices of daal n rice. Anyone promising safe jobs wouldContinue reading “us elections”

Interview with Jijith Nadumuri Ravi

Designation – Former Scientist ISROSocial media handle (if any)Facebook - Profile of the speaker: Jijith Nadumuri Ravi (Founder of ‪‬)Books- Research paper contributions to the following books:- Indraprasta Revisited ( 2017 BRP, New Delhi, ISBN-13 : 978-9386223678) , Mahabharata Manthan (2019, ISBN 13 : 9789387587595, BRP New Delhi) Former scientist at Satish Dhavan SpaceContinue reading “Interview with Jijith Nadumuri Ravi”

Peaceful end of a Teacher in Paris

A peaceful end of a demon teacher who spoke about the epitom n leader of peaceful movements across the world. Referring the asmani kitab which talks about giving peaceful ends to so many kafirs across the world for last 1400 years. They have been helping the mankind for a long time and expecting to growContinue reading “Peaceful end of a Teacher in Paris”

Turmeric latte

Some more reconfirmation of what I have been saying for last 15 yrs. sometimes I do get tired and feel like giving up because people just don’t appreciate. Most of the people around me in Mumbai think that I am some old-fashioned aunty who has gone mad to talk about hindu culture which is soContinue reading “Turmeric latte”

Corona effect on life

This bloody pandemic has taught us the real lessons of life. We have understood the importance of home, home-cooked food, household, homework, home quarantine, neighbours of the home, home decor which we could have avoided, home comfort which we never appreciated, home alone, working from home was never so interesting and lastly many hours ofContinue reading “Corona effect on life”


Forward message, worth appreciating. Its a 1.7 lakh Crore fiscal stimulus package to help the poor tackle the ills of COVID 19: 1) Medical insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh per person for doctors, nurses and sanitation workers. 2) Direct cash transfers for eight categories of beneficiaries, including pensioners, women and the specially-abled. 3) FarmersContinue reading “INDIA FIGHTS AGAINST CORONA VIRUS”

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