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A series on Daan

I watched this series on Daan by Devdutt Patnaik. I am not so big fan of him only because he uses word mythology for Indian heritage. But this series was fairly good because he has cited examples from various scriptures on how much Daan is important for a […]

India before Mughals

A beautiful pic I found on WhatsApp group. Cherish. Be proud of where we are born, what we do, how we do, it’s a huge legacy worth living for and even more worth fighting for, since it’s under attack since a thousand years.Remember one thing, there must be […]

us elections

So true. Those so called Idiot IT professionals in Silicon Valley who didn’t vote for him failed to see larger picture. As usual they were just bothered what was promised to them regarding their jobs. Typical working class mentality who don’t want to rise above prices of daal […]

Cow Seva

Why cow seva is important for every human on this earth:I frequently write about Gausewa because I feel that we are highly indebted to this animal which is so innocent and extremely giving by nature. As a country India has failed in so many areas due to wrong […]

A peaceful end

A peaceful end of a demon teacher who spoke about the epitom n leader of peaceful movements across the world. Referring the asmani kitab which talks about giving peaceful ends to so many kafirs across the world for last 1400 years. They have been helping the mankind for […]

Our Culture IS important

Some more reconfirmation of what I have been saying for last 15 yrs. sometimes I do get tired and feel like giving up because people just don’t appreciate. Most of the people around me in Mumbai think that I am some old-fashioned aunty who has gone mad to […]

Interview with Jijith Nadumuri Ravi

Designation – Former Scientist ISROSocial media handle (if any)Facebook - Profile of the speaker: Jijith Nadumuri Ravi (Founder of ‪‬)Books- Research paper contributions to the following books:- Indraprasta Revisited ( 2017 BRP, New Delhi, ISBN-13 : 978-9386223678) , Mahabharata Manthan (2019, ISBN 13 : 9789387587595, BRP New […]

Turmeric latte

Some more reconfirmation of what I have been saying for last 15 yrs. sometimes I do get tired and feel like giving up because people just don’t appreciate. Most of the people around me in Mumbai think that I am some old-fashioned aunty who has gone mad to […]

Corona effect on life

This bloody pandemic has taught us the real lessons of life. We have understood the importance of home, home-cooked food, household, homework, home quarantine, neighbours of the home, home decor which we could have avoided, home comfort which we never appreciated, home alone, working from home was never […]

Ram Mandir

With so many tears of joy and filled up heart, I wish each one of you Jai Siya Ram. We are fortunate to be born in this era as we will be able to see this temple coming up.I get speechless when I am too happy or too […]


Last episode or Ramayana: it’s extremely painful to see the last episode when Sita ma had to leave the world like this. It seems society was cruel even then and just the same today. Not even Ram Ji could do anything about it. Women are expected to suffer […]

Super 30

I finally watched this movie only because of Hritik Roshan. It was good but why this movie also had to show upper caste/ lower caste. Was it true in case of original character? Also, there was an example of Eklavya. Why people still use that example which is […]

Sone ki Chidia

A few sunny predictions in these gloomy days. Remember, you read them here first. 1. By June, India will be the first country to be freed from the clutches of this pandemic. 2. Our Lockdown and our higher immunity levels will see us through. 3. We will be […]

5G sucks

Now people are connecting corona with 5G. I knew it’s dangerous. But never knew this way and so much. China is demolishing the palls of 5G.I hope India is listening to these cases and don’t allow us to rollout this network strength. We need to be alive to […]


Forward message, worth appreciating. Its a 1.7 lakh Crore fiscal stimulus package to help the poor tackle the ills of COVID 19: 1) Medical insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh per person for doctors, nurses and sanitation workers. 2) Direct cash transfers for eight categories of beneficiaries, including […]

Sacred games

Series on Netflix: I just felt so disgusted to see this series. It’s insane. The director is so Hinduphobia that he wants to show any rubbish to denigrate Hindu way of living. The main villain is the son of a priest in the temple. He goes on killing […]


Nirbhaya case: finally she got the justice but as I read in many newspapers, the real culprit got escaped due to his age. What crap it is? If he was measured enough to rape, isn’t he mayured enough to face the consequences. It’s time we bring changes to […]

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

#Ravana kidnapped #Sita to marry her but never touched her. He got killed, lost his reputation, kingdom, family and became #villain forever. During #Mahabharata, #Draupadi got insulted and dragged into the court but not touched, the whole members of that court got killed, the dynasty disappeared, the world saw the biggest battle ever happened.Today, women are […]

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