What’s the future of social media

When I was busy collecting content for my website, many people commented that your social media is not updated. I was forced to start working on social media updates and hired a special team to do it. I will manage that team to keep adding content from my website http://www.hinduscriptures.com to all those accounts. It’sContinue reading “What’s the future of social media”

Why silicon vally is left supporter

I am going to share an experiment done by my team under my guidance. They opened ten different accounts on famous social media platforms. their products were meant for kids and young mothers. So they were expecting only those women to follow them. Each account got 50 followers on an average for their content andContinue reading “Why silicon vally is left supporter”

Difference between website and Wikipedia:

Someone recently asked the difference. I said Wikipedia is like a dictionary which has every possible info in it but it can’t teach you management, science, medicine etc. you still have to read and refer the books of respective field. Similarly my website is different from any Wikipedia or dharmapedia which has all the detailsContinue reading “Difference between website and Wikipedia:”