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Third patotsav of Kamleshwar shiv temple in kibigori

Shrivedant Foundation celebrated third patotsav of Kamleshwar Mahadev Temple in Kibigori today. Kamal Shah and Vaishali Shah invited devotees from Kisumu, Kericho, Kakamega and other nearby towns.The priest Pradipbhai of Sanatan Temple performed the maha rudra yagna and changed the dhwaja.

The devotees from Iskon temple of Kisumu sang bhajan during the celebration.

An opening of a new hall at sanatan hindu temple in kisumu

I am a bit surprised that how and why this news got missed by the people in kisumu. A new hall – Karsanji Makanji Rawal Auditorium named after father of Mr. hasmukh Rawal and Mrs Kalpana Rawal was inaugurated on 14th May in Kisumu. Mr Hasmukhbhai Rawal and Mrs Kalpana Rawal were the chief guests of the event. Kaminiben thakkar and her group presented cultural program which mesmerised the audience. The souvinor of the temple was also launched during the event. 

It is surely a feather in the cap of sanatan temple and a new offering in Kisumu. The hall is well designed and going to be the best choice for weddings, parties and any cultural event. 

Closing ceremony of Shah Free Eye and ENT camp by Jain youth league Thika

It was truly a pleasure to remain present at the closing ceremony of Jain Youth League Thika on Thursday last week.

The team recognised doctors for their contribution to the society and their service to so many patients. Many of them had recieved the sight after more than three decades.

It was a monent of pride and satisfaction to know that more than eight hundred people recieved free treatment for eyes and other ENT related problems.


75th celebration of JainYouth  league of Thika 

I really enjoyed the event of 75th celebration of Jain Yourh League of Thika. The celebration started with prayers to Lord Ganesha presented by Kamini Dance school. They also presented other cultural dances which were truly mesmerising.

The chairperson Mr Hitesh Shah walked through the activities of the organization.  There were many interesting facts about their flagship program Shah free eye clinic which has been going on for last 37 years in various parts of Kenya. The team has operated more than 140000 patients for cataract with many other treatments like ENT related problems.

The event was well attended by more than 340 people from Thika as well as Nairobi.


Eye and ENT clinic by Shree Jain youth league Thika 

img_3613It was a learning experience to be part of the Eye and ENT camp arranged by Shree Jain Yough League of Thika in Kisumu county in this week from Monday till Thursday. Though I didn’t do much to help them but I observed quite a few interesting things from the camp about the patients’ registration, marketing the details of camp, logistics of the camp etc. It was worth spending four days in different locations for few hours.

The camp was conducted in four completely different locations around Kisumu; first day was at Ngere Primary school in Ahero, second was Konditi School at Peponditi, third was at  Wagai primary school in Yala and forth was Jalaram School in Kisumu central.

Dr. S.K. Savla was leading the camp with eight doctors from India; he has been coming to Kenya for last 37 years in April to serve the local community for the eyes related problems specially cataract.

The very able team screened  around 3900 patients for eyes related problems and 2300 ENT patients were checked. At the end of the camp, they found 265 people for cataract problem and 60 for ENT related who were to transported to Thika for further treatment.

It was truly pleasure to know Dr. Savla who has been so dedicated to this camp for last many years. His wife was equally passionate about helping Doctor in his work. I should appreciate the doctors who joined the team without expecting anything in return.


A day spent with Indian High commissioner in Kisumu

It was truly a pleasure to meet the Indian High commissioner to Kenya Mrs. Suchitra Durai again in Kisumu on Saturday 26th March with her family. During the lunch session in Kisumu Yacht Club, I found that she has a great knowledge of India’s bilateral trade with Kenya and how it can be improved through more opportunities for the business communities of both the countries.

She explained the same more in details in the evening session which was attended by representatives of communities and others. It was a day well spent with her and know more about the initiatives taken by Indian government for NRI communities across the world.

Meeting with High commissioner of Kenya

I think its worth sharing this on women’s day that Kenya is truly delighted to have a lady as High commissioner of India to Kenya, Mrs. Suchitra Durai. It was my pleasure to meet her in Nairobi at her office on 7th March 2016.

I was really impressed by her simplicity and professionalism both completely at ease. It is also wonderful to know that the Indian government is taking many new initiatives to help NRI communities to come closer  to India.

I am also thrilled to be part of this new development and take forward India Kenya relationship to a greater heights.


Ammaji’s disciple Submitraji in Kisumu

It was truly a pleasure to host Submitraji, the disciple of Ammaji at my residence during his visit to Kisumu this month. When our committee of Sanatan mandir decided to invite him to temple, I quickly thought of hosting him at home to know more about Ammaji and it is always my pleasure to invite such saints in the house.

He was acoompanied by Manish Shah from Nairobi and two other members of his team. Nath and Rupal. Nath is a German guy who is always traveling with Swamiji to donate white Crane to blind schools. After picking up them from the airport, we checked the venue of evening talk and after lunch went to Kibos Blind school. It was really heart warming and touching to see so many blinds in the region not so far from Kisumu. They were truly happy to receive the sticks which can help them to get the direction and a strong support as well.

after the donation drive, we returned and went for the evening talk at the temple. The talk was in English and Hindi mixed which people enjoyed. I learned quite a bit more about the projects Ammaji does and how she has embraced the world by hugging each and every soul she has ever met. It was truly an amazing fact that she has reached out to millions of people and shared their pain and sorrows and given them a motherly comfort which they might have not got from their own family.

Our country is truly great as we keep getting such saints in the country who not only helps Indians but the people world over.

Seminar on Bhagwad Gita at Nehru Center in London!

The Bhagawad Gita holds an eternal fascination to man and the wonder is that each time you read it, like an onion, you can keep peeling different layers from it. I have always been attracted to the Gita and each and every commentary that I have read has helped me gain fresh insights into this little wonder book. Imagine my happiness then to be invited to a seminar on the Gita which was held at the Nehru Centre in London in September 2015. It coincided perfectly with my trip to the UK so I decided to make the most of it.

The Gita is not a religious scripture followed by followers of a particular religion; oh no it is timeless, eternal and has a universal appeal because it provides solutions to every problem under the sun in a simple, logical and humane way. Thus the Seminar comprised of eminent scholars from all over the world who had gathered there to share their ideas and get enriched in the process. Members of the managing committee were drawn from India and England.

A high point of the program to me personally was when one of the keynote speakers, Mrs. Suryakanthi Tripathi remarked that she referred to my website everyday and has even bookmarked it. She was full of appreciation at my endeavor and congratulated me for presenting articles on a wide range of subjects from our Scriptures in a language easily understandable to the lay public. Scriptures like the Gita should be presented in a simple manner so that the common man can relate to it and follow it easily and the series Layman and the Gita presented on the site does exactly this.


The Seminar saw presentations by well-known academicians and scholars and these are the points what I gathered from them.

Mr. Brian Black is a lecturer of Religious studies in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at the University of Lancaster. He discussed how and why Bhagwad Gita was spoken in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. It created an impact in the listener’s mind about the importance of the knowledge shared by Krushna.

I observed that many misconceptions about Vedic scriptures continue to prevail in people’s minds. The western scholars are highly influenced by scholars from the early 1900’s who presented the Veda in a derogatory manner. They still use the words like Brahamanism etc. which doesn’t exist in our scriptural directory.

Prof. Peter Flugel studies and propagates Jain scriptures and has an amazing in-depth knowledge of various Jain sutras. I felt truly proud of our community members who have emphasized on various such scriptures to impart knowledge to millions.

James Mallinson is a lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical Indian Studies at SOAS, University of London. He shared his true life experiences of the Kumbh Mela, how society connects with each other in India, the importance of Yoga in Bhagwad Gita. Prof. Theodore Proferes is a senior lecturer in Ancient Indian Religions at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. I was truly impressed with his way of presenting the Mimamsa point of view in
Bhagwad Gita. He stated that the theory of Karma is well explained in Gita and that it truly helps us to identify where we stand in life and where we want to go.

Swami Sarvapriyananda from Ramkrishna Math and Mission explained the Vedantic point of view of Bhagwad Gita. Vempaty Kutumba Sastryji explained how Gita strides across like a colossus and time stands still in its pages. Therefore its message is relevant to all people at all times. His paper explained the points of Atman and how it is explained in the Gita.

The most impressive part of the talk was the recitation of various verses from the Bhagwad Gita by Stephen Peter Thompson. He has been teaching Panini, Gita and Upanishads at various universities and centers across UK. He traced the connection between the verses of Chapter 2 of the Gita with Katha Upanishad.

It was nice to know the interest of the Indian High Commissioner to UK in such topics. He shared his idea of the Gita and also spoke of the need to hold such gatherings more often in London. On a personal note, I requested him to see my website and share his comments which he agreed to do.


I also met Prof Shaunaka Das, the Head of the Oxford Center for Religious Studies in another occasion. He answered all my queries and inspired me on how to look at scriptures from an academic angle. How to understand them from an international point of view? I can hardly wait, I am eager to take my research to the next level and make it visible on an international platform. His guidance is really going to help me to learn the Bhagwad Gita differently.

Attended a meeting on finance bill in Kisumu

It is really interesting to know that a country like Kenya known for uninvolvement of people in jurisdiction, invites people to give a feedback on forthcoming finance bill. When I heard them I found that the government team was all set to hear us. Could manage to suggest about the charges on advertisements on our own premises. They replied about every category patiently and also took feedback from our team of HCK kisumu.

It is a good lesson about how system works locally.