Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill

Though it was written decades ago, this amazing book, like the Bhagwad Geeta, holds true for every age and era. I was deeply affected by the book. It seemed to me that through every word and every line, the legendary Napoleon Hill was speaking directly to me in the context of my current circumstances. ReadingContinue reading “Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill”

Executive EQ – Robert Cooper & Ayman Sawaf

The most influential book I have ever read. Cooper and Sawaf talk about emotional intelligence and how it is linked to success at home and work. Several lessons have been explained via the authors’ Tibetan travels and the lessons learned therein. The book has some pretty instructive case studies from multinational corporations and their experiencesContinue reading “Executive EQ – Robert Cooper & Ayman Sawaf”

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray

A runaway global hit. I recommend it to couples, both married and unmarried. As the title suggests, the book is a practical guide for improving communication with your better half and getting what you want in your relationships. Gray has some pretty interesting and unconventional theories that are well worth the time spent.

The magic of dialogue – Daniel Yankelovitch

Yankelovitch, a businessman, author and educationist, explains different strategies of dialogue and how conflicts all over the world can be resolved with, as he puts it, ‘the magic of dialogue’. It also helped me on a personal level, to better handle the conflicts and disagreements in my life.

Speaking Globally – Elizabeth Urech

This wonderful book is a great communication guide for travelers, executives, leaders and public speakers – in fact, anyone who travels overseas frequently. Apart from explaining the nuances of communicating in an unfamiliar country, it also includes several pointers on handling unexpected situations and addressing foreign audiences.

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