Indians leading MNCs

So many Indians are leading the international giants. Twitter is the next one. But I wonder why none of them come up with any pro-India content or policies.

The MNCs hire Indian CEOs because they don’t want India to develop its products like China.

Most of these companies are successful because of Indian followers and users. It’s sheer a number-game. Why we don’t get it that we don’t need these giants, they need us. All we have to do is to build our platforms and make them popular.

How long will we be at the mercy of these companies?

JIO could have its SM products, but they missed it by letting FB invest in them. Jio he the largest pool of databases. They can serve two FB’s, 3 Twitter and 5 LinkedIn on their own.

I see this change purely due to their fear of seeing Indians developing the same on Indian soil.

Indians don’t cry enough

The biggest problem with Us is we never cried enough to draw attention of UN or international media in last seventy years. Before that there was none to hear our plea and sufferings we were going through.

We never accepted that we are getting slaughtered only because of our religious identity or preference for last 1400 years. We never cried victim card enough to draw attention of the public across the world. We never accepted that our own people were getting butchered because of the ideology they believed it.

It’s time we are seen crying over our issues in all the countries across the world. With crowd gatherings outside embassies, public parks, interviews in local medias, show remorse and our pain to even those people who are not relevant at all. Till we don’t reach the minds of the people across the world, they will not recognize the pain we are going through.

It’s time to make our organisations more valid, official, authentic, genuine, under tax rebate as per the law of the respective countries. This will increase the weightage of what we want to say. Others will have no choice but to hear us.
Ensure that we cover the maximum space of the newspapers or TV or social media with our sobbing pictures, dead bodies of Kashmiris, gruesome killings of girls by their boy friends or husbands. It’s happening everyday in our neighbouring countries. They don’t have any shame in admitting those crimes. So why we shy away in accepting the fact that we are getting tortured only because of our religious identity. I have wondered why the world wants to stop believing in what we believed for millions of years. I wonder what browny points they will get.

Pls learn to cry very loud and clear.

Indian Education System

The biggest problem with the Indian government is they are asking the general public to contribute or comment on what they think about changing the content. Please note that the public is least bothered about what is being taught in the school. They all have studied the same school material and know it is useless in practical life. They still want their kids to learn the same content only to remain in the so-called league, social acceptance and lack of options.

It’s better to speak to the scholars of modern times and traditional Vedic schools and decide the content. Also, ensure that there is only one syllabus across the country and only one Indian board.

Rest all other activities like yoga, Ayurveda, NCC, karate, and home science should be part of every school. Organic Farming, water conservation, irrigation techniques, saving forests, saving the soil, plastic free lifestyle should be the core of any teachings.

The most important is skill development which should start from 10 years onwards. As per the choice of the student and also gender-based.

Designing the content for the school is not so tricky the way many people portray it. As we are talking about KG till 10th only initially. People like us with multiple degrees can quickly think through what is essential for the kids.

I have done some series on what should be part of the education system on our YouTube channel.

Krishna explains the modern science and Vaikuntha

As many so-called researchers and other believers have claimed that Bhagwad Geeta doesn’t talk about moksha or nirvana. But I am sure they have never studied this scripture in detail hence they claim the same thing.

Last time we discussed how Krishna has compared this world with the Banyan tree in the fifteenth chapter. In the same chapter, in shloka number six, I found Krishna explains how the Vaikuntha looks like. He says that that higher place is not surrounded by sun and moon, or fire and electricity. This means that the Vaikuntha he is talking about is a much higher place than comparing to this galaxy or universe. It also means that one should aim to reach such a place which is beyond the material world. Many of us always thought that the material world ends the moment we leave the surface of the mother earth. But this shloka proves that the definition of the material world includes the universe also. I can’t imagine a place that is beyond this solar system that we have studied so far. But our scriptures also mention that there are millions of such milky ways and universes in this whole place where we reside. 

Very easily and casually Krishna has explained so many things in just one shloka. This also proves our knowledge about the planetary system, astronomy, and other modern sciences we follow today’s time. 

Further, he instructs Arjuna that those who worship me should think about reaching this place from where one never comes back. This gives us a goal in our life about what we should seek and ask for. If we don’t ask the right thing in life, we don’t get it. The twelfth shloka of the same chapter further clarifies what Krishna is. He clearly states that the glory of the sun comes from him and so as the shine of the moon. This again helps us to understand his stature which is larger than all other devatas who control different duties of the universe. It is truly amazing to find that there is some power or some supernatural element that controls this universe and binds it in a constructive way. 

Further, he still confirms how he controls the universe in the thirteenth shloka where he clearly says that he enters into each planet. These planets stay in orbit due to his energy. What a wonderful revelation we get here. Indirectly, Krishna proved that we knew about astronomy so much in detail that we knew that the planets stay in the orbit in one particular position and moves in a set direction. Many of them don’t change their routes and speed of the movements. But we also have stars or comets or planets which move away from their original position. 

What we have learned in science that all kinds of vegetation get their energy from the moon. The way the moon works on our mind also works on the growth and taste of the vegetables. He further says that he is the main nectar or juice of the vegetables which we all enjoy. Here he again proved the theory of the modern science we learn in our basic schools. Many scientists in the recent past have claimed many such revelations as their own discoveries or research. But because we have stopped learning our scriptures, we have no idea what is written there. 

Those readers, who claim that all the theories of modern science were researched and revealed to us by western scientists should read Bhagwad Geeta more in detail.

Krishna compares the world with the Banyan tree

We all know that the Banyan tree is the largest tree and has its root in the deeper side of the land. While I started studying the fifteenth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta, I was a bit confused and amused both at the same time. Krishna started saying that the banyan tree has roots upwards and branches downwards towards the land. How is that possible? 

He further explains that the root of this world is Brahma Loka which is there up in the universe somewhere. The creation of this world is done by Brahma himself. Hence the roots are in the air or up in the sky. The world grew further due to the desire of humankind in all directions. The way our desire is endless with roots all around us, the root of the creation is also not visible. The way the banyan tree grows in all directions, our desire grows in all directions. 

He also has described this world as the reflection of the original world. When a tree is situated by the banks of the river, we see the branches in the water downside and the roots on the top, similarly the material world is the reflection of the spiritual world. The way the tree and branches are nourished with the help of various things like sunlight, water, and manure, the tree of our desire is nourished with all three modes of nature. Satvik, rajasic and tamasic. These triguna play an important role as I had explained earlier in the series. In the tree of the universe, the lower section of the tree are animals, humans, and other species. Whereas the higher part is full of devata, Gandharva, apsara, etc. 

The third shloka of the fifteenth chapter further explains that when we look at the banyan tree, we can never find the root of the same. We only see very big branches moving in the air all around the tree. Similar to it, the root of our desire is never understood by us or we can’t see it or feel it with our senses. A similar thing was explained by Buddha too where he says that desire is the root cause of all suffering. This leads to an argument, so we should desire and how much. Krishna says that if at all you want to desire something, just desire for the place from where you don’t have to come back. Indirectly, he is talking about moksha or nirvana wherein one gets free from the cycle of birth and death. This shloka also proves that there is a mention of Moksha in Bhagwad Geeta. Many new scholars have argued that Bhagwad Geeta only teaches the lessons of life, but it is proved wrong here. So please remember that whenever you desire anything in your heart, think of the place where your atma rests forever and you again don’t engage in this material world. 

Further, he shows the path of moksha or nirvana in the next shloka. Here he has used a word called detachment. Most people misunderstand the word detachment. It is not some trademark of any sadhu or sanyasi who has renounced this world. Detachment is possible for grihastha also. I understand that it is very easy to say and difficult to practice. But Bhagwad Geeta shows us the path and helps us to practice that detachment living in this material world, in spite of being married with kids and family, in spite of being working full time, performing all our prescribed duty with utmost clarity. This is probably the best thing I learned in Geeta because I always thought our scriptures are meant only for those who have decided to give up materialistic life.

Today when I study and read our scriptures, I have realized that they are the manuals of humankind on how to lead a very meaningful, fruitful, content, and successful life. One can have the desire to have kids, a spouse, success, or wealth, all these can be achieved through Vedas and their various rituals prescribed there.

Krishna explains the tamasic nature of humans

We have discussed the satvik and rajasic nature of the humans earlier. Today we will discuss the tamasic nature of the human mind. It is very interesting to know that our mind plays all three nature all the time and may be for the same topic and incident.

The most difficult aspect of human nature is to fight within himself when he feels lazy, angry or lethargic. These are the signs of tamasic nature. Though all three things are important in one’s life but when tamasic nature increases it results in many problems and failures. 

While I was going through the fourteenth chapter to know more about all three modes of nature, I realised that Krishna has narrated the effect of each nature so clearly that one can never miss to understand and implement the right swabhava in life. This chapter also proves that studying of Bhagwad Geeta is possible by any human being, be it from other religions too. As these aspects of personality are found in any human being. Even the animals enjoy the same modes of nature but to a lesser degree. 

There are many other aspects of tamasic nature too. One with delusion or madness or lack of knowledge is also considered to be tamasic. As I mentioned earlier, the degree of each nature is important. The best example of an extremely tamasic person is a killer or a thief or a cheat. These people suffer from a high degree of tamas in them hence inspired to commit any heinous crime. The saddest part of these acts is that one continues committing such crimes till he doesn’t get blessings of the Ishwar or his heart changes or he tries very hard to get out of the cycle of wrong doings. Such people always run away from the sattvic person, can’t manage to stay in religious or holy places, prefer the company of similar types of people, like to indulge into all sorts of intoxication, disrespect gurus or elders, love to wander at night, always lie for every small thing. When you come across anyone with any of these qualities or you suffer from such symptoms, know that you are suffering from tamasic nature. Many asuri powers can rule such people easily. They also become victims of any such ill effects and can be dragged into wrong doings easily. 

Krishna further says that one with a high degree of tamas has a limited chance of getting the human life again. That soul goes down to the animal planets or patal loka. Which is a degrade of a soul and it happens because he couldn’t give tamas guna of his nature. Most of us think that we are bound by our destiny hence it makes no difference if we try to change. But this chapter clarifies that doubt that we all have a free-will due to which we can always elevate ourselves from the lower state of mind to higher state of mind. This is an upward journey, not downward.

In twenty sixth shloka of the fourteenth chapter says that one who surrenders to him and engages himself into any devotional services, can easily outgrow all three modes of nature. It is truly amazing to find that Krishna explains the problems of jeeva and at the same time gives solutions for each problem in the same chapter or the whole Geeta. 

He also clarifies that one need not give up the society or material world but should follow varna ashram and perform duties based on that. The prescribed duties of each varna become the gateway to reach Krishna by overpowering all three modes of nature. When one is challenged by opponents while on the path of dharma, one shouldn’t become weak or fear anything or anyone. Also, the false compassion for any criminal or people who are on the wrong path should be avoided while worshiping Krishna and to get his blessings.

We will discuss other topics from Bhagwad Geeta in the next articles.

Krishna explains the rajasic Tattva in our nature

In the last article we discussed the concept of three guna of prakriti which are controlling us and making us do things we do in this life. The first and the most important guna is satvik guna. If one remains in this guna all the time, he becomes more knowledgeable and also inner happiness increases. Krishna also explains that most of us don’t remain in the same guna. All three guna overpowers us in different circumstances. In difficult situations, we do get derailed and slipped into either rajasic or tamasic guna very often. 

Today, we will discuss what is rajasic guna and what kind of person always dwells into it. The rajasic guna is considered to be the mixture of satwik and rajasic guna. The person who is born with more of this guna, is always looking for activities which satisfy his ego, or desire or always want to excel in life. I always thought this to be a good quality of the human being. But after reading Bhagwad Geeta I realised that even this type of behaviour keeps us away from Krishna and also from the heavenly planet or even vaukuntha. The person has attachment to results or fruitive actions, hence always looking for the victory in every situation. Though this could be a problem in bhakti, but kshatriyas who protect the country or always out in the war, are expected to be in this mode as that is very important for them to win the enemy. One will wonder that when one side Krishna explains various tools and methods to remain aloof and detached from the material world, why he is encouraging Arjuna to fight the battle. The chapter of karma yoga explains that very much in detail. 

Rajasik mode is also important for men and women to develop relationships. It is the main component for the attraction between them and the major reasons why people fall into relationships. In today’s time, when love marriages have increased, it is difficult for one to judge if it was true love or mere physical attraction. Hence Krishna explains that one always needs to look forward to remaining in satvik mode and ensure that rajasic mode is not disturbing one’s sadhana towards any god he loves. 

One more feature of rajasic nature is, every creation comes into existence out of this nature. This raises another question that when the whole creation is born out of this nature, why it is still considered to be the hindrance in the growth of bhakti. But if you are a follower of any Vaishnava samprayas, the first thing which is taught there is that we all got separated from Krishna when the universe was getting formed. Our main goal is to go back to him and be with him in eternal space and time.  Shri Vallabhacharya explains the same thing in the shloka of brahmasambandh. 

In any normal household, we regularly see attachments in relationships. Mother is attached to son, son is attached to mom, husband to wife and wife to husband. The major force behind this attachment is rajasic tattva. This sometimes brings pain and hurt to someone’s life. It also becomes the cause of relationships to break and fights among family members. 

Krishna explains in the fifteenth shloka of fourteenth chapter that one gets birth into the family based on the nature they have lived in. Which means if one remains ambitious and attached to the material world, he gets the same life again and again. He remains in the center of all the loka. The way a satvik person goes to a higher planet, a rajasic person doesn’t go to a higher planet but remains in the atmosphere of the earth so that he can come back to the earth to fulfill his desires again and again. 

This is the best way for any person to evaluate their behaviour with more clarity and lead a life in satvik mode all the time. Next time we will discuss how a tamasic person lives his life.

What’s the future of social media

When I was busy collecting content for my website, many people commented that your social media is not updated. I was forced to start working on social media updates and hired a special team to do it. I will manage that team to keep adding content from my website to all those accounts. It’s an excellent exercise to reach out to more and more people.

But I also thought this is a fag; it will die out soon. We all know the story of Orkut. But it stayed on for quite some time, and I also accepted that, yes, this is the future.
Today, after seeing the condition of a twit, insta, Fb etc. I feel I was right. I strongly feel that these companies will be irrelevant in coming future due to their approach and stand they have taken.

We also need to remember the case of yahoo. Today that company can’t stand any of these big platforms. Hence I have started writing on my blog and decided to continue updating my website.
Let our blogs and website become our main centre of all work we do. It’s going to be a nightmare to transport all our data from social media platforms to blogs and website.
Another issue is we can’t keep adding new social media platforms because we can’t keep adding new accounts. So eventually, we will be back to websites and blogs. So guys, pls be prepared that tomorrow these companies can be kicked out like cheeeena companies from India.

Why silicon vally is left supporter

I am going to share an experiment done by my team under my guidance.

  • They opened ten different accounts on famous social media platforms.
  • their products were meant for kids and young mothers. So they were expecting only those women to follow them.
  • Each account got 50 followers on an average for their content and products immediately after the new accounts went live.
  • out of those 50 followers, 35 were from ROP. And mostly men. When my team checked their profile, they realised that most of them worked for these social media companies as fake followers.
  • Their original interests or earlier posts had no connection with my team’s content.
  • Ten followers had the same pictured and other details but different usernames
  • Fifteen of them were using identical posts about any random topics from any parts of the world.
  • Ten users had not given their photos, but their profile pics were the same from the gallery.
  • All 35 were anti Modi and Bjp as they were mostly from India
  • It means the initial followers we get and paid followers are not genuine.
  • My experiment was extremely successful as we figured the users’ same behaviour for another 20 accounts we created for the kid’s products.
  • which means that our accounts not followed by genuine people all the time.
  • it also means that those very peaceful people get hired by these companies to create fake followership.
  • it means that if the companies don’t support them, these fake followers will expose these companies which are making billions out of our hope of having more followers.
  • it means that silicon vally is badly stuck with lefties, cheenaa and terror groups which are funding them to create narratives.
  • as such right wings across the world won’t do such shieety job for any amount of money.
  • world over lefties are with low education, low IQ and senseless people who would pick up such jobs to survive.
  • Now they have become threat as they are growing in numbers.
  • Solution – change and promote local media, which the international mafia can’t control.
  • Expose these platforms and keep reporting such profiles which are fake.

Bhagwad Gita in my column in Janmabhoomi newspaper

I have started focusing only on Bhagwad Gita in my column in Janmabhoomi newspaper of Mumbai. Trying to explain the purpose of each chapter and what we can implement in our life.
This article explains the tenth chapter to the fourteenth chapter in a nutshell.
While I was learning Bhagwad Gita from various gurus and institutes I had prepared my notes. These articles are derived from those notes.

A series on Daan

I watched this series on Daan by Devdutt Patnaik. I am not so big fan of him only because he uses word mythology for Indian heritage. But this series was fairly good because he has cited examples from various scriptures on how much Daan is important for a Hindu and why we should take it seriously.
I liked the content though in many places he has used words indian mythology for scriptures. I think he hasn’t grown on this terminology and he hasn’t studied scriptures from authentic sources like our pathshalas.

This is also a good lesson to all of us that OTT platform is ready to accept even a small topic like daan if coming from their preferred person. We should also learn to create such content on such topics which we might consider to be insignificant but it might be the interest of the people.

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India before Mughals

A beautiful pic I found on WhatsApp group. Cherish. Be proud of where we are born, what we do, how we do, it’s a huge legacy worth living for and even more worth fighting for, since it’s under attack since a thousand years.
Remember one thing, there must be something terribly right about this system which makes world so jealous, aggressive to finish it, desperate to compete with, dying to become one of us.

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Karma Yog explained by Krishna

Karma Yog one of my favourite chapters of Bhagwad Gita. I have explained few versus of this chapter in this article. Most of these articles are my notes I had written while studying Bhagwad Geeta in various institutes. I just realised that I have more than 8 certificates of different institutes from where I have studied this scripture. It’s a been a fantastic journey going through Bhagwad Gita. My recent purchase of Bluetooth device of the same has made it even more interesting. Mentally I am mapping the shlokas and trying to remember as many of them as possible.

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Sharda pujan / chopda pujan

Chopda pujan or Sharda pujan is done on Dipawali day wherein the books of accounts are worshipped. I always keep my laptop also for pujan as that’s my lifeline for work.
I also ensure that I do the pujan in the presence of Shastriji who has graduated from any reputed Ved Pathshala and expert in karmakand. Trust me, friends, it’s not so difficult to add all these elements into our lives. It’s also not so difficult to understand the logic behind every ritual we perform.
So let’s make dipawali more meaningful and enjoyable. Take this opportunity to connect with roots, pass on this knowledge to your kids, ask them to participate, make it more fun and interesting. If you enjoy it they will also love it.
I also enjoyed the crackers made in India.

hinducultureandlifestyle #hindulifestyle #hindufestivals Hinduvedic Scriptures

us elections

So true. Those so called Idiot IT professionals in Silicon Valley who didn’t vote for him failed to see larger picture. As usual they were just bothered what was promised to them regarding their jobs. Typical working class mentality who don’t want to rise above prices of daal n rice. Anyone promising safe jobs would get the votes.

article is about Krishna & science

This a article is about Krishna and science. Those who think our scriptures are mere religious books, you should read Bhagwad Geeta in your mother language to understand various aspects of science described there.
I have covered only few points in this article which talks about how we are born, the galaxies and their inmates etc. Have tried to cover modern physics, cosmology, biology and chemistry in this article.

Cow Seva

Why cow seva is important for every human on this earth:I frequently write about Gausewa because I feel that we are highly indebted to this animal which is so innocent and extremely giving by nature. As a country India has failed in so many areas due to wrong leadership for 70 years. Now there is a ray of hope due to @narendramodiji that we expect the govt to take right action.My suggestion is, since there is a ministry for animals, why can’t they build massive shelter homes for abundant animals and put them under their care. Govt might not need to support existing Gaushala which are already doing good. But there are thousands of animals roaming on the street without food. There is so much funds available with the department so use them wisely.…/gokulam-gaushala/36971/

A peaceful end

A peaceful end of a demon teacher who spoke about the epitom n leader of peaceful movements across the world. Referring the asmani kitab which talks about giving peaceful ends to so many kafirs across the world for last 1400 years. They have been helping the mankind for a long time and expecting to grow their numbers in this world to spread the message of peaceful.I am a hate monger, fascist and cruel entity for talking about this incidence in open space.

Our Culture IS important

Some more reconfirmation of what I have been saying for last 15 yrs. sometimes I do get tired and feel like giving up because people just don’t appreciate. Most of the people around me in Mumbai think that I am some old-fashioned aunty who has gone mad to talk about hindu culture which is so outdated. No amount of data, presentations, talks, interactions are helping them to slow down, think that they are copying west blindly, culture is more important than the number of marks in marksheet etc. I have heard that mothers hit their young children to become too perfect in everything at tender age of 5-6 yrs. some mothers expect them to wash their clothes so that when they grow up and go to so-called American universities they know how to wash clothes. Insane! I can’t believe people do such weird things to teach their children how to be like modern westerners. Even westerners are also not so modern like people in metro cities in India.

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