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The Seed Festival- Beejotsav

We have just celebrated the earth day with much fanfare in all parts of the world. In most places, the idea of conserving nature and protecting Mother Earth is celebrated once in a year and people disperse after taking pledges and making vows. Many forget about them even […]

Seed Donation in Ketitu

The Seed donation drive started by Kenya Vegetarian Club continues as it races to meet its target of reaching out to farmers in the interiors. This time we went to Ketitu as more than 35 representatives from various villages had assembled at Ketitu world vision office. We also […]

Son of the Soil

Each time we fill our plate with food, I think of all those who have toiled hard to make it possible to bring the food from the field to the table. Gratitude is what comes uppermost to my mind. Perhaps that is the reason we have so many […]

All about Ghee

The box of sweets lay tantalisingly inviting on the table. I tried to ignore it and succeeded. Well almost. Then out of curiosity, I started reading the lines on the packaging. Pure ghee sweets—  written in bold. I also recalled my visit to the ISKCON temple last month […]

International Meatless Day

  November 25th is observed as the International Meatless Day. It is the birth anniversary of Sadhu Vaswani who advocated non violence and compassion along with service to the downtrodden during his lifetime. His birthday is observed as Meatless Day and the movement has gained international recognition due […]

Sustainable Development

20th November is Africa Industrialization Day, on this occasion, it is so important to remember how much industrialization has helped to take our country forward. We need to train our women and youth in skills that are required to industrialize. This is very important and for this small […]

Vegetarianism- Awareness Month

The month of October is observed as Vegetarian Awareness Month after being endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978. It is a great way of acknowledging the benefits of vegetarianism to the individual, to our resources, to our environment and above all in bringing compassion to our […]

Nurture Nature

Ancient Aryans worshipped nature and that included trees, plants and other elements. They preserved water bodies and held every aspect of nature in great reverence. In India there is a tradition of creating figures of gods and goddesses with mud and clay especially from that which is got […]

KVC designs Course Material

Kenya Vegclub contributed to the course material launched by Lake Basin College today at Ketitu center near Kisumu. The course is called Vegetable Nutrition Science. It is designed to educate farmers on how to grow vegetables organically and scientifically. The material is jointly written by Vaishali Shah and […]

Seed Donation at Kosogo

The team of volunteers from Kenya Vegetarian Club moved to yet another village, this time to Kosogo, which is situated close to Ketito in Kisumu County. It was heartening to see over 170 farmers come forward to support this unique initiative of planting trees out of the seeds […]

Seed Donation at Ketitu

Kenya Vegetarian Club continued with the program of seed donation to farmers near Ketitu village near Kisumu today. The club donated more than 2000 seeds to local farmers who already have farms to plant Muringa trees. I am proud of my team which is helping me to reach […]

Let’s go organic

Sikkim is a tiny state tucked in Northeast India. It has achieved a great milestone as it has become India’s first fully organic state by implementing organic practices on around 75,000 hectares of agricultural land. This was achieved over a period of 12 years as it was in […]

The food on my plate

Do you think of the farmer who sowed the seeds, tilled the land, irrigated and kept watch till the golden crop got ready to be transported on a journey before it reached your kitchen changing many hands in the process? When was the last time you ever spoke […]

Bringing up trees

I was just reading a report in the paper about how celebrities in India have started adopting animals in the zoo and contribute towards their upkeep and maintenance. Following this even others have started showing interest in such a scheme. This brings in revenue to the zoo no […]

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