A talk on vegetarianism at Nyamira Girls high school

It was a tough day for me as the distance to the school was too much for me to cover.. but somehow I managed to reach there.. After seeing the enthusiasm of the girls, my hesitation  just disappeared. It was worth the drive and time invested for this talk. When I started talking about meatContinue reading “A talk on vegetarianism at Nyamira Girls high school”

Tree planting and seed donation at Katuk odeyo village near Kisumu

Kenya Vegetarian Club had another tree planting session on 27th April at Katuk odeyo village near Ketitu to farmers whom we had visited earlier. The farmers received few indigenous and fruit trees for the farms which were ready for planting. We also donated sample seeds of green gram to few farmers to test if theyContinue reading “Tree planting and seed donation at Katuk odeyo village near Kisumu”

Demonstration of seeds by A Seed Company 

There was a live demonstration of how quality seeds can earn better yields for farmers by a seed company near Ahero on Friday 8th April. It was quite a learning experience for me to find out about such company which can identify the soil and its quality and recommend the seeds accordingly. This has aContinue reading “Demonstration of seeds by A Seed Company “

Presentation on forestation in a remote area called Katuk Odeyo near Katito in Kisumu county

This week it was a different challenge to go to farmers and land owners who are keen to grow forests on their lands to stop and reduce soil erosion taking place near their village. It was disheartening to see that this land is the example of largest soil erosion of Kenya. The place where weContinue reading “Presentation on forestation in a remote area called Katuk Odeyo near Katito in Kisumu county”

Tree planting at Ogal primary and secondary school near in Akuche 

Kenya Vegetarian Club took challenge to go in the interior parts of the country side around Kisumu west. Our team went to Ogal primary and secondary school near Akuche after the airport on 8th April. The students of the schools were excited to recieve 250 seedlings and started planting on Friday itself. After we reachedContinue reading “Tree planting at Ogal primary and secondary school near in Akuche “

Session on vegetable farming at Urudi Center

Continuing the series of vegetarianism and vegetable farming, Lake Basin college invited me to yet another session at Urudi Center near Katito, an interior part of Kisumu county which I had never seen before. The drive to that place was pleasant with less traffic and a tarmac road. The session started with the reciting ofContinue reading “Session on vegetable farming at Urudi Center”

Say no to plastic!

  Sometime back there was a news report which said that a huge whale was washed ashore dead near Kent Beach in the UK. Such reports are becoming more and more common nowadays. I started thinking. Before the gleaming supermarkets and mega malls came up handing over all items in shining plastic bags what didContinue reading “Say no to plastic!”

Addressed at an event of Lake Basin College

It is a new beginning of spreading the message of vegetarianism and importance of vegetable farming in the local region on a different platform. When I was invited by Prof. Jack Kamiruka of Lake Basin college, I was puzzled about how the farmers can be connected with the concept of vegetarianism. But when I startedContinue reading “Addressed at an event of Lake Basin College”

Kenya Vegetarian Club promotes tree plantation

It is the first tree planting drive by Kenya vegetarian club in association with Hindu Council of Kenya Kisumu branch on 17th January 2016. I am so glad to see the participants of various schools in Kisumu. It showed the zeal of the students how much they are eager to learn something new and alsoContinue reading “Kenya Vegetarian Club promotes tree plantation”

Vegetable farming in Kisumu county

Here is a new chapter added to the Kenya Vegetable Club. It is a logical next step towards promoting vegetarianism in the region and help locals turn vegetarian for good health, better lifestyle and save nature. Somehow I get connected with right people at the right time for the right cause. Ms. Atiano Otiano ofContinue reading “Vegetable farming in Kisumu county”

Vegetarian Christmas Lunch for government officials

I am so pleased to share that our club could manage to plan something more meaningful and direct in approach to help people change to vegetarian diet. Here is a small report of the event we prepared. Kenya Vegetarian Club arranged for a Christmas lunch for the members of county government of Kisumu to welcomeContinue reading “Vegetarian Christmas Lunch for government officials”

Rain water harvesting!

It is that time of the year where many places in the world receive rains due to the monsoons. In Kenya we have the short rain spells in November unlike the longer spells that we usually get in March- April. Despite all that talk of El Nino and the vagaries of climate, the rain godsContinue reading “Rain water harvesting!”

A seminar on Nutritional benefits of vegetarian diet!

Kenya Vegetarian Club and Hindu Council of Kenya Kisumu branch arranged for an interesting talk on the Nutritional Benefits of Vegetarian Diet on 25th October 2015 to celebrate World Vegetarian Day which was in the first week of October. The event was well planned by the founder chairperson Mrs Vaishali Kamal Shah of Shrivedant FoundationContinue reading “A seminar on Nutritional benefits of vegetarian diet!”

Introduction of Kenya Vegetarian Club

I established The Kenya Vegetarian Club to support the cause of vegetarianism and hope to increase the number of vegetarians in Kenya. Our club endeavors to Promote human health Protect animal rights Preserve environment Develop compassion World over there is a great interest in vegetarianism today. People from all walks of life would like toContinue reading “Introduction of Kenya Vegetarian Club”

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