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Why silicon vally is left supporter

I am going to share an experiment done by my team under my guidance.

  • They opened ten different accounts on famous social media platforms.
  • their products were meant for kids and young mothers. So they were expecting only those women to follow them.
  • Each account got 50 followers on an average for their content and products immediately after the new accounts went live.
  • out of those 50 followers, 35 were from ROP. And mostly men. When my team checked their profile, they realised that most of them worked for these social media companies as fake followers.
  • Their original interests or earlier posts had no connection with my team’s content.
  • Ten followers had the same pictured and other details but different usernames
  • Fifteen of them were using identical posts about any random topics from any parts of the world.
  • Ten users had not given their photos, but their profile pics were the same from the gallery.
  • All 35 were anti Modi and Bjp as they were mostly from India
  • It means the initial followers we get and paid followers are not genuine.
  • My experiment was extremely successful as we figured the users’ same behaviour for another 20 accounts we created for the kid’s products.
  • which means that our accounts not followed by genuine people all the time.
  • it also means that those very peaceful people get hired by these companies to create fake followership.
  • it means that if the companies don’t support them, these fake followers will expose these companies which are making billions out of our hope of having more followers.
  • it means that silicon vally is badly stuck with lefties, cheenaa and terror groups which are funding them to create narratives.
  • as such right wings across the world won’t do such shieety job for any amount of money.
  • world over lefties are with low education, low IQ and senseless people who would pick up such jobs to survive.
  • Now they have become threat as they are growing in numbers.
  • Solution – change and promote local media, which the international mafia can’t control.
  • Expose these platforms and keep reporting such profiles which are fake.