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India before Mughals

A beautiful pic I found on WhatsApp group. Cherish. Be proud of where we are born, what we do, how we do, it’s a huge legacy worth living for and even more worth fighting for, since it’s under attack since a thousand years.Remember one thing, there must be […]

Turmeric latte

Some more reconfirmation of what I have been saying for last 15 yrs. sometimes I do get tired and feel like giving up because people just don’t appreciate. Most of the people around me in Mumbai think that I am some old-fashioned aunty who has gone mad to […]

Ram Mandir

With so many tears of joy and filled up heart, I wish each one of you Jai Siya Ram. We are fortunate to be born in this era as we will be able to see this temple coming up.I get speechless when I am too happy or too […]

When politics enter religion

I am not very happy to share this video as I personally believe in pluralism and respecting other schools of thought. But we Hindus have been victim of this conversion factory for hundreds of years. Many of our societies and villages are fully converted and became brewing grounds […]

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