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Why Meditation is necessary from the Medical Science’s point of view?

From the time of the birth till death the heart works continuously. Everyday the heart pumps 7000 litres of blood, of which 70% blood is pumped to the Brain and the remaining 30% to the rest of body.

How does the heart work so efficiently and effectively?

Heart works effectively because it follows a discipline. In normal conditions the heart takes 0.3 secs to contract {systole} and 0.5 secs to relax {diastole}.

So, 0.3 + 0.5 = 0.8 secs are required by the heart to complete one beat {1 cardiac cycle}.

That means in 1 min, the heart beats 72 times which is considered as normal heart beat.

During the relaxing phase of 0.5 secs the impure blood travels through the lungs and becomes 100% pure.

In some stressful conditions, the body demands more blood in less time and in this situation the heart reduces the relaxing period of 0.5 secs to 0.4 secs. Thus, in this case the heart beats 82 times in 1min and only 80% of blood gets purified.

On more and more demand the relaxing time is further reduced to 0.3 secs & then only 60% of blood is purified.

Imagine the consequences of the lesser Oxygenated blood circulating in our Arteries.

Deep Breathing is the key to ensure better Oxygenation of the blood.

Factors responsible for the activity of the brain :

1. 25% – 30% is due to the Diet we consume.

2. 70% – 75% is due to the emotions, attitude, memories and other processes of the brain.

Thus, to calm the brain and reduce the demand on the heart to pump more and more blood, brain needs to be given a rest.

Meditation is the most useful tool to calm an agitated mind.

When we sit with eyes closed and meditate, the brain gets calmer, heart gets rested, thus insulating us from the Diseases of Heart & Brain.


Hindu Scriptures Project

My project of Hindu Scriptures : someone recently asked me why and how I am managing this website and other projects to promote hindu culture among my peers, friends and family and others around me. Please note that it is has been a fully self-funded project, from the time of inception till now I have not accepted any donation from anyone. Yes it’s my family who has been supporting me as I personally don’t have any income but do investments in indian markets from the money given to me by my parents. So whatever savings I have, I ensured it goes into this project to sustain. The journey has been tough and challenging so far but still worth it as it has given immense satisfaction to me and I feel that knowledge is the best thing to share with people to pay back to society.
I hope you will continue supporting me and share our website with your friends.

Meeting the Prime Minister

MEETING THE PRIME MINISTER: Dear shri Narendra Modi please accept our wishes for winning this election, for breaking many records of past PMs, for reassuring our faith in democracy, for giving us hope and assurance that the country is in safe hands, for letting us sleep without any major terror attacks in last 5 yrs and for next 5 yrs, saving d democracy, for crushing the dynasty ruled congress party, for reestablishing dharma, for giving guidance to youngsters, for making NRIs proud of their motherland, for supporting Muslim women, helping women in their kitchen by cylinders, and hundreds of such projects which have directly touched the lives of millions across the country.
It was truly my pleasure meeting u when you were in Kenya and signed my books – hindu culture and lifestyle studies and The veg safari. your support to my project Hindu Scriptures has been extremely fruitful and I am truly thankful to you.

Women Empowerment in true sense:

We often see many women talk about various perks and facilities to be given to women in corporate sectors, government offices, and other private sectors. We have empowered these women quite well or almost on the verge of it. Government schemes take care of poor Pregnant women, labors, house wives etc. but this segment still comprises of only 25% of the women. Most of the women suffer in the houses because of domestic violence. As the time is getting tougher and competition is growing, the patience of the men is reducing. The expectations are rising above the roof. In such scenario no matter how educated he would be, he looses his control and start beating the wives.
I personally have come across women of industrialists who get beaten very often. Many time it’s because of sadistic pleasure. Other times it’s because of their incapability or handling situation.
The time has come government takes action against such acts, the societies take this matter seriously, parent teach their sons how to treat women(I wonder if mother is getting abused by father, what a son would learn), mothers take active roles in the daughters’ issues.
Media has to give enough coverage to such stories as this is growing like never before. The television shows can cover such stories within their episodes.
Women busy in kitty parties should check if anyone is going through such issues. Give a helping hand and help resolve matter amicably. Rather than gossiping about such issues, support other women as tomorrow you could be next.

Let’s all women be united and help these women. let’s talk to men who understand and want to help. They could take action faster than anybody else.

Hinduvedic Scriptures

Someone recently asked me how can I talk about learning scriptures when I myself hasn’t got any formal training or degree in the same. Let’s understand one thing that in today’s time none of us coming from so called educated family go to Vedic schools or pathshala for higher studies. We all have been the victim of the Macauley designed rubbish education system. I started my research in Vedic texts after I got two master degrees and I am not ashamed of it. Also I am not going to teach or preach or even talk about which shloka comes in which scripture as I am not qualified to do it. That is the job of qualified Sanskrit scholar or guru of a Vedic pathshala and I definitely want to support them in their jobs. I know basic Sanskrit, can read and understand moderately difficult shloka but still not proficient in speaking fluently like Sanskrit scholars.

But yes I know what I am doing. We all need to bring out the best pearls from the scriptures and use them wisely into our daily lives. It is also a matter of pride and utmost contentment for us that we Hindus have such a rich vast knowledge bank.
My focus is mainly cultural aspects of life which touches us at many points on every day basis. This itself is a humongous task and can not be achieved in one lifetime. I will ensure that I create more Vaishali Shah Author before I leave this earth so that this work continues.
Let’s at least live traditional form of Hindu lifestyle with Indian food, dress, music, art, rituals, temple ceremonies, festivals, family customs and take pride even in that famous Indian nodding.

Rituals and Environment

Future belongs to the wellness and health industry. After spoiling the earth, atmosphere and our health we have started to realize that we can’t producing unwanted things and expect to be happy, contented, successful and calm. All the modern innovation and lifestyle have created enormous stress and pressure on our health. We don’t realize what is the aim of life and why we should earn more than we need. We are actually earning to fill the pockets of MNCs so that their bosses can afford to buy islands, expensive yachts, palaces in exotic locations.
It’s time we earn for ourselves, save maximum for our future generations, waste less of natural resources, contribute more towards health and ensure plastic free kitchen to improve our health.

Difference between website and Wikipedia:

Someone recently asked the difference. I said Wikipedia is like a dictionary which has every possible info in it but it can’t teach you management, science, medicine etc. you still have to read and refer the books of respective field. Similarly my website is different from any Wikipedia or dharmapedia which has all the details but it can’t teach you how to become Hindu if you are not, learn the rituals, who are our gurus, difference of devata and gods, why we have so many festivals, why so many customs and rituals. For all these you have to refer the site and understand every classification of every category I have defined.

Man vs Wild, Narendra Modi

Wow! Wow! No words to explain. Modiji has gone beyond anybody’s imagination. His creativity is worth appreciating. Saving the environment is my favorite subject too; I have done quite a few projects towards that through my Kenya Vegetarian Club.

A van for the show, Man vs Wild, which command air in India on 12 August, reveals the two men making within forests, snuffing animal feces and gliding down a river on a substitute raft. In one uproar, Modi endures an improvised bayonet and tells Grylls: “I’ll hold this for you.”

The show is the tardiest of Modi’s choreographed interpretations surfaces where the strongman director casts himself as a figure of masculinity, strength and sound health – a cast that pleases to his party’s nationalist voter basis.
A must watch show coming up on Discovery Channel. Not only see it but implement it as well whenever possible, if environment is not protected we all will die a miserable death.

India Budget

Budget India: quite interesting to know many new schemes and development ideas are explored. I will not repeat them. But I missed seeing more subsidies for manufacturing companies in the form of tax relief or land at a lower price or less paperwork. Like the Gujarat model, we need to give one window clearance to those who subscribe to make in India model.
We still have not initiated any move on making mobiles in the country. Giving ways to Samsung to get produced in India is not enough. We don’t have our brand for mobiles. Similar to computers, we must be the largest consumer of laptop and desktops. We only one fully Indian brand. Very similar to the operating system. Windows operating system is available in all other international languages but not in Hindi. Why?
In all, there is only one fully Indian company compare to ten foreign companies in every sector.
It’s time we take gigantic steps to reduce the cost of production to compete China at least in SMEs. Maybe we are not capable of beating the giants but it’s time we support cottage industries and other handicrafts which is also almost taken over by Chinese products.
My list is endless. May be some other time

Ministry Of Water

It is a long pending work done by BJP govt. we as a general public always knew that water reservoir is depleting. But no previous govt could think about it. On one side, we are wasting millions of gallons of water due to lack of rain water harvesting and other side people are dying due to lack of water.
One again I want to say that going back to Vedic lifestyle is the only solution for this planet to survive. Last few generations have exploited natural resources so badly, equivalent to resources which next 100 generations would have used happily.
On the name of evolution we have spoiled the earth, drinkable water is soon going to be disappeared if we continue like this. Let’s see the importance of water in our life.
Please save water and save planet.

One Vote, One Country

Why one nation one election is required: india is the only country which stays busy throughout the year for elections after elections. It keeps everyone anxious and most productive days of all the MPs go waste as they have to prepare for the elections no matter what. It is also a perfect opportunity for hawala and all sorts of money laundering.
It is a complete waste of so many types of resources like election materials, hoardings, time of the party workers, electricity, natural resources, water and the list is endless. It’s time this govt works more proactively and implement the law.
Let’s all support the idea so that we save billions of rupees going waste every year after this very expensive process of electoral and save money for the development of the nation

Theory of non-violence

I was getting lectured by someone on how Indians have been a follower of nonviolence for thousands of years. I asked him to read Indian history in various parallel books written in the last two thousand years. Not the textbooks of schools in India. We have seen the Great War of Mahabharata which was about right vs wrong on a large scale. Krishna spoke about it Bhagwad Gita as well on how and when to fight. So why we have become so meek and mere spectator to any wrong happenings to women around us. Be it rape or forced marriage. If Hindu men follow the path of all our gods nobody takes even think of touching women in India.
Theory of nonviolence which got propagated in the last two thousand years was the product of Jainism and Buddhism and got practiced by people wrongly. Even they don’t ask you to sit in meditation when your family, society or country is under attack. Many Kshatriyas were not ready to fight due to these philosophies when invaders were attacking us. It was a great loss due Kshatriyas gave up these arms.
We are unnecessarily bashing Gandhiji for that but he was also the product of the same brainwashing happened to us in last two thousand years. It’s time to teach your sons on how to protect women around them in schools, colleges, and workplaces from the peaceful’s agenda.
Those Hindus who call themselves religious need to learn from every Avataras of Vishnu as when to raise arms to protect the vulnerable.

Darshanam – part of navadha Bhakti

A beautiful Darshan of mangos offered to Shreenathji. It may sound so religious but we often forget to relate such small traditions to our lives. Have you ever noticed that we offer different kinds of naivadya to the god according to the season. Something which we should be eating during for good health and wellness is often attached to such acts.

The traditions followed in the temples are suppose to be followed by us in our daily routine. But we have completely forgotten to connect with them. Recently whenever I have visited any temples in Mumbai, I only found people of older age. They looked at me as If I am an alien as none of my age mates go to there much. It is so out of the fashion. It is so just not done scene for them.

I wonder whom to consider responsible for this. Our older generation who got too busy in making money or the government who was only busy selling our country to MNCs who brought shitty products with dirty culture.

Dharmo bhakshati bhakshitaha

#Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha: But today it’s Dharmo #bhakshati bhakshitaha. It’s time we realise and acknowledge the true gurus and #spiritualleaders. Because we are gullible they take full advantage of our time, resources and money. We have made them great by our foolishness. They enjoy #luxury donated by us. Which they are suppose to use for the welfare of the people.

In today’s time it’s a dire need to help tribals, poor people, so called poor #Dalits to give them confidence in our million years old belief system, #culture and heritage. Instead gurus get caught into the trap of the politics of religion and make fool out of themselves.

They need a grooming lesson on how not to critisise other samrpaday of the same Vedic religion, don’t snatch others’ followers rather create a new set of audience for yourself, don’t get caught on property disputes rather settle the matters amicably, don’t practise any failed rituals like black…..sort of things and kill people for that on the name of Ahuti.

The main thing to do is learn #Veda, #Purana, and other Hindu Scriptures and share the knowledge given there and not to invent your own half cooked theories. As such we have created so many #Sampraday and #Panths in last few hundred years which make no sense.

The close aids who work with them on full time basis should know how to behave, learn a bit of #English, understand how to handle media, don’t get trapped by followers and avoid indecent proposals.

I have spent a lot of time in various #ashrams and with #gurus. Mostly they were supportive and I didn’t find anything fishy. But I also noticed that they are too naive to get trapped by all the said issues. They are not techno savvy and lack #presentation capability.

Narendra Modi Amitshah Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Vhp America NRI4NaMo Swami Ramdev Srisriravishankar

When politics enter religion

I am not very happy to share this video as I personally believe in pluralism and respecting other schools of thought. But we Hindus have been victim of this conversion factory for hundreds of years. Many of our societies and villages are fully converted and became brewing grounds of terrorism. Hence this is the only way out.

It’s time our temples, spiritual gurus, other institutes open the doors for these wanderer souls, we will not be able to live peacefully.

It’s truly important to follow the religion of the land or the place we hail from. It gives satisfaction, cultural identity, stay connected with our original roots.

It also helps to avoid identity crisis and lack of confidence.

Let’s all celebrate hindu way of life practised for thousands of years by following

What do you think?