Delhi riots at the time of Trump visit

Continuous rioting of peacefuls in Delhi during Trump visit actually strengthens the narrative that all peacefuls can’t become terrorists so they contribute by stone-pelting towards their faith. They might want to cry victim by this show in Delhi but it’s actually letting the world know that they only believe in damaging the economy. They can’tContinue reading “Delhi riots at the time of Trump visit”

Why Make in India looks difficult to me?

Why make in #India looks difficult to me: it is very #disheartening to share that we have a long way to go before we become #manufacturing #hub of our own country forget being able to supply to other countries. We are not able to produce what we consume here. We might be self-sufficient in agricultural products but rest of many things weContinue reading “Why Make in India looks difficult to me?”

Hindi as national language

Hindi as a national language: it is a wonderful idea to give Hindi a better stature in our country. This is 4th most spoken language in the world after Chinese, Spanish and English. I remember presenting this thought of Hindikaran of all our media houses, public spaces, correspondence of the govt with people within theContinue reading “Hindi as national language”

Why Meditation is necessary from the Medical Science’s point of view?

From the time of the birth till death the heart works continuously. Everyday the heart pumps 7000 litres of blood, of which 70% blood is pumped to the Brain and the remaining 30% to the rest of body. How does the heart work so efficiently and effectively? Heart works effectively because it follows a discipline.Continue reading “Why Meditation is necessary from the Medical Science’s point of view?”

Meeting the Prime Minister

MEETING THE PRIME MINISTER: Dear shri Narendra Modi please accept our wishes for winning this election, for breaking many records of past PMs, for reassuring our faith in democracy, for giving us hope and assurance that the country is in safe hands, for letting us sleep without any major terror attacks in last 5 yrsContinue reading “Meeting the Prime Minister”

Women Empowerment in true sense:

We often see many women talk about various perks and facilities to be given to women in corporate sectors, government offices, and other private sectors. We have empowered these women quite well or almost on the verge of it. Government schemes take care of poor Pregnant women, labors, house wives etc. but this segment still comprises ofContinue reading “Women Empowerment in true sense:”

Rituals and Environment

Future belongs to the wellness and health industry. After spoiling the earth, atmosphere and our health we have started to realize that we can’t producing unwanted things and expect to be happy, contented, successful and calm. All the modern innovation and lifestyle have created enormous stress and pressure on our health. We don’t realize what is the aim ofContinue reading “Rituals and Environment”

Difference between website and Wikipedia:

Someone recently asked the difference. I said Wikipedia is like a dictionary which has every possible info in it but it can’t teach you management, science, medicine etc. you still have to read and refer the books of respective field. Similarly my website is different from any Wikipedia or dharmapedia which has all the detailsContinue reading “Difference between website and Wikipedia:”