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Session on vegetable farming at Urudi Center

urudi center- ketito

Continuing the series of vegetarianism and vegetable farming, Lake Basin college invited me to yet another session at Urudi Center near Katito, an interior part of Kisumu county which I had never seen before. The drive to that place was pleasant with less traffic and a tarmac road.

The session started with the reciting of few verses of Bible and explanation given about food in it. The pastor explained the importance of food very well and even I learned few  things about food in Bible from him. The crowd was a mixture of model farmers and the farm owners of various places around that area.

When I started explaining the benefits of vegetarian diet, people were reluctant to  believe one can survive without meat forever. I understand that it is a tough war but I am getting there slowly. Every session is teaching me something new through their queries, expressions, interests they show in my research etc. This time I went with the actual samples of pulses and vegetables which many of them had not seen before. It was a good opening for  them to know what they need to grow in this region. I also realised that I may need to show the seeds next time and go with the chart so that they can identify the seeds quickly.

I am also glad to know that farmers taking more and more interest in learning more about farming and really keen on growing their farms. Let’s hope for the best.


Introduction of Kenya Vegetarian Club

I established The Kenya Vegetarian Club to support the cause of vegetarianism and hope to increase the number of vegetarians in Kenya. Our club endeavors to

  • Promote human health
  • Protect animal rights
  • Preserve environment
  • Develop compassion

World over there is a great interest in vegetarianism today. People from all walks of life would like to switch over to a vegetarian diet if they are convinced of its merits. Some are confident about their food habits and make the switch easily. Others need support, guidance and perhaps a gentle nudge. Also there is considerable confusion in the array of products that are available on the shelves of the supermarkets. Many shoppers find it difficult to tell which food and drinks are produced using animal products. The food industry often uses products that may not be suitable for vegetarians. Health professionals are not very clear about the merits of vegetarian diet as they receive little or no training in vegetarian nutrition. Parents are confused whether a wholly vegetarian diet would provide the required nutrition for their kids.

The Kenya Vegetarian Club aims to fill in this space and supports, guides and promotes vegetarianism by arranging various programs and events that help members to understand and appreciate the importance of vegetarian diet. The club also creates awareness about vegetarianism in Africa as the world is moving towards saving the environment and food production and consumption is the first step towards it. The Club intends to help local farmers to grow more vegetables thereby helping them to earn more. Shrivedant Foundation is a non-profit body which hopes to create many such movements which would help locals to switch over to a better and healthy living.

KVC publishes a quarterly newsletter which offers tidbits of information on vegetarianism, interesting recipes, vegan celebrity profiles and other important information of the events happening in Kenya. Those interested in receiving a copy of the newsletter can register by mailing to kvc@shrivedant.com.
You may also find us on Facebook and Twitter to follow the activities of the club.

The Club promotes tree planting to help save the beautiful forests of Kenya. We need to join together and preserve our wildlife and other national resources for the future of our citizens. Kenya is a country of vegetation and rich with tons of variety of vegetables and fruits. Let’s all pledge to remain vegetarian and help to promote the same across the world.