The spirit of Jugaad

Most innovations have come out of cheap alternatives when people worked under great resource constraints but had to innovate to come out of trying situations. This is known as jugaad and is now accepted as a promising alternative which is also cost effective and works well in Indian situations. In the West, scientists sit inContinue reading “The spirit of Jugaad”

Declutter and Detox

With the arrival of the festive season, it is raining discounts and bargains everywhere. Festivals are no longer quiet affairs celebrated with close family and friends. Rather it has now become a season to look forward to what the malls and hypermarkets can offer. I feel using festivals to make quick sales is a marketingContinue reading “Declutter and Detox”

My India, my country!

During my recent trip to the UK, I had the opportunity to visit so many places of interest. I was struck by the pride the English take in showcasing their monuments and priceless treasures. There is a fee for visiting each one of these places and after a guided tour we become so enriched aboutContinue reading “My India, my country!”

All about dreams!

All about dreams We have always been fascinated by the mysterious and the unknown. There is an element of curiosity within each one of us, wanting to know answers to many things for which we may never get one straight answer. Like the seven blind men describing the elephant, people have an opinion on everyContinue reading “All about dreams!”

Ordinary Men- Extraordinary Lives!

Manjhi- the Mountain Man, a powerful biopic based on the real life of Dasharath Manjhi opened in cinemas nationwide last Friday. Compared to the fanfare that one sees normally for all big ticket movies, this was low key and why not? The man himself was relatively unknown; no one celebrated his life while he wasContinue reading “Ordinary Men- Extraordinary Lives!”

The power of Silence!

The world around us is so full of noise. Sometimes we keep hearing noises inside our heads even though everything is quiet outside. Add to this all the everyday noise. We have become quite immune because we keep hearing it continuously that somehow it has become a part of our life. Let’s just make aContinue reading “The power of Silence!”

What I think! on a funny note!

Being a person of intensive thinking; I felt that it is very important to understand the important aspects of life more deeply. So thought of penning them down with a twist. Pragmatic though funny! The Internet – The most powerful driver of global change Movies – A mirror to our innermost fantasies Books – AContinue reading “What I think! on a funny note!”

India! my country ! my people!

I am proud to be an Indian even though it is not fashionable to claim to be one in modern world and especially on a foreign shore. It is definitely not acceptable in the world of elites and tycoons of NRI fraternity. I still want to defy the world when it comes to the powerContinue reading “India! my country ! my people!”

Indian methods of managing business!

Indian methods of managing business! Being management graduate, I was always familiar with the theories of various aspects of management, but always wondered if they are actually making sense in our professional life or it is just one of the theories & curriculum developed by so-called management gurus to impart knowledge to the world andContinue reading “Indian methods of managing business!”

Women entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Women have since time immemorial been entrepreneurs in their own right. The dictionary meaning of the word entrepreneur is someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced. AContinue reading “Women entrepreneurs”

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