Narendra Modi With Bear Grills | Vaishali Shah

Man vs Wild, Narendra Modi

Wow! Wow! No words to explain. Modiji has gone beyond anybody’s imagination. His creativity is worth appreciating. Saving the environment is my favorite subject too; I have done quite a few projects towards that through my Kenya Vegetarian Club.

A van for the show, Man vs Wild, which command air in India on 12 August, reveals the two men making within forests, snuffing animal feces and gliding down a river on a substitute raft. In one uproar, Modi endures an improvised bayonet and tells Grylls: “I’ll hold this for you.”

The show is the tardiest of Modi’s choreographed interpretations surfaces where the strongman director casts himself as a figure of masculinity, strength and sound health – a cast that pleases to his party’s nationalist voter basis.
A must watch show coming up on Discovery Channel. Not only see it but implement it as well whenever possible, if environment is not protected we all will die a miserable death.