Launching Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies

It is my pleasure to share with you that we have launched our much awaited and well- designed courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies on our website

The courses are designed keeping NRIs and other non-indian communities in mind. It is easy to understand and also very practical to follow Indian culture in today’s modern life. It is attempted to target those people who would not like to follow any hindu cult or guru and yet want to know more about Hindu culture and heritage.

It is also benefitted to those who are practising any particular sampraday within Hindu vedic umbrella but not able to understand why we do certain things in certain ways. These courses will help you to understand the basic tenants of Indian lifestyle and why to do certain things in certain ways.

Please join the courses as per your convenience of time and place as everything is online. If you need any assistance our panel of volunteers will be happy to help you.