Why you shouldn’t watch Padmavat

#padmavati what a waste of everything happened behind this movie. I think Sanjay Leena knew he has made a bad movie so wanted controversy to work for his movie. But I think the audience has understood this gimmick and will not give in for this kind of tantrums. It’s not worth watching even on TV. I had to watch out of social commitments but really disappointed with bad screenplay, no story narration, over acting of all the stars. Only good costumes and palaces shown which are not director’s efforts as such. Very bad special effects as computer graphics were visible in so many places.

I understood why Karni Sena was out on the street as it has surely glorified Khilji who was a murderer. majority of time was given to his character, three songs on him, complete home work was done for his character but very less for Ratan Singh. The title should have been Alauddin Khilji not Padmavati.

I also realized why Ranbir Singh was taken for Khilji’s character as he is a charming guy and would gain attention of women. Where as Shahid looked more like a woman than a man hence reminding Rajpoot community of their defeated past. Why anybody wants to make a movie on an unfortunate past of our own countrymen. One would do it only if there is any hidden agenda. And that agenda is nothing but Gaddari to your own community, faith and people. This movie appeared to be made in Middle East more than India. It’s quite funny to see our enemy side of the story and not ours.

I strongly feel We need a desperate reform of Bollywood as that is the window of india to the world. People do believe what is shown in the movies and will remember that for a long time as visuals remain on our minds forever.

Sanjay Leela should take up a job of a spotboy to Rajamauli and learn how to make grand movies from a scratch.