Who is the pop of Hindu religion?

We often forget our roots in religion and how our roots were saved by our beloved Shankaracharya more than two thousand years ago.

I met the current Shankaracharya of Kashi and Dwarka, Shree Swarupananadji during Kumbh in Ujjain after having met him earlier during the Allahabad Kumbh. I have known him for more than a decade now and didn’t realise that he has turned 94. It was such a pleasure to find out that he still talks so well and his speech is not affected by his age. I had gone with another bunch of queries relating to the many commercial gods which have sprung up and why we are drifting away from the original Gods like Shiva and Vishnu and their family.

He answered very patiently to my research queries.

I also met his successor of Kashi Pith Shri Avimukteshwaranandji and had a long discussion about the current development of Hindu religion and its doctrines. The time has come when we should give due respect to our POP of Hindu religion and let the world know who they are.