Welcoming Shraavan

I look forward to this month each year because it is very special and has a special place in my heart. This month Shraavan is also known as Shivmaas, the holy month of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. As per the scriptures Lord Shiva tells his beloved wife Parvati that out of all the twelve months, Shraavan Maas (month) is the most special and glorious to him. It is believed that fasting on any day during this whole month reaps fruitful results. Many Hindus fast for the entire month living on a diet of fruits and milk breaking their fast after sunset with a light vegetarian meal. People refrain from habits like smoking and drinking during this month. Most switch over to a vegetarian meal adhering to a strict diet throughout the month.

It is believed that lord Shiva saved humanity from the deadly halahala poison by swallowing it during the samudra manthan. The entire episode of the churning of the ocean, manifestation of various objects and beings from the ocean like fourteen rubies, conch, kaustubh gem, deities like Lakshmi, apsaras like rambha, supernatural animals like kamadhenu the divine cow, airavata the white elephant and finally the pot of nectar -all these they say took place in the month of Shraavan. There are so many festivals to celebrate in Shraavan.

Shraavan somvars are extremely holy and Shivlings are bathed with milk and honey, people observe fasts and holy chants fill the air in and around temples. Kaavad yatras are common in some parts of the country as devotees collect holy water from sacred rivers in kavads or wooden pots which are tied to the end of a stick. These are carried by saffron clad kavadias who go from the tirtha sthaan to a sacred Shiva temple to perform abhisheks to shivalingas.

This year the first day of Shraavan is on 3 August and the month ends on 1 Sep 2016.  But in some states like Rajasthan, UP etc Shravan has started already on 20th July. This is because of the difference in the calendars as some states begin the month on the full moon.

Like every year, we will have special puja on all four Sundays during the month which will be followed by lunch. We extend a warm welcome to all devotees to join us on all four Sundays to Kamleshwar Mahadev temple in Kibigori.