OTT of India sucks

OTT sucks – beyond repair. They just don’t have stories. An only same-sex relationship is everyone’s favourite nowadays.

I feel there is some agenda to promote same sex relationships through these platforms. Something is terribly wrong with people now. I can’t hide my disappointment after watching few shows. Recently I tried to watch a new show on Amazon – Modern Love Mumbai. My two favourite personalities – Pratik Gandhi of Harshad Mehta and chef Ranveer are shown as gay partners.
I just can’t believee such successful actors and people are convinced to do such stories. They have everything from fame to work to success to money. so what is compelling them to go for such stories? What’s so creative in this? What is appealing in portraying such relationships?

What are they getting in return? Their market value is going down. Do they realise it? They might get more work by surrendering to such offers but what about their fans?

If we don’t do anything fast, this madness will ruin Indian society as well the way it has been destroying American culture. t is so commonly found there. Hence they want to impose it here. It is a very old agenda of the European world. Whatever is wrong with them, they want us also to be like themm, maybe to reduce their guilt or just to pamper their ego.

ottsucks #indianottsucks #boycottbollywoodmafi