I am Malala!


I Am Malala!

I am truly thrilled to share what I think and learned from the movie- I am Malala, contrary to my nature of not thinking much about such things.

I will not go into details about her and why she is being written about as everybody knows that. But I want to share what I learned from this movie.

When the movie started, she narrated, “I am different because my father is different otherwise I would have been married with two kids at the age of 17, because they dared to be different I am different.“ This shows how much influence the parents have got on the kids. They can make their future or break it. Something we all need to know and work towards it.

This little girl had courage to speak about what she thinks in front of media at the age of 14 and also dared the local authorities about the injustice towards women education despite the face that she could be killed to do so, which actually almost happened to her.

She truly inspired me to pursue my vision and mission with more vigor and conviction as no situation, no country, no people can stop you if you have courage to stick to your goal.

I was overwhelmed by what she said, ”One child one book one teacher and one pen can change the world.” As I share the same vision of spreading the spiritual education to people across the world.