Darshanam – part of navadha Bhakti

A beautiful Darshan of mangos offered to Shreenathji. It may sound so religious but we often forget to relate such small traditions to our lives. Have you ever noticed that we offer different kinds of naivadya to the god according to the season. Something which we should be eating during for good health and wellness is often attached to such acts.

The traditions followed in the temples are suppose to be followed by us in our daily routine. But we have completely forgotten to connect with them. Recently whenever I have visited any temples in Mumbai, I only found people of older age. They looked at me as If I am an alien as none of my age mates go to there much. It is so out of the fashion. It is so just not done scene for them.

I wonder whom to consider responsible for this. Our older generation who got too busy in making money or the government who was only busy selling our country to MNCs who brought shitty products with dirty culture.