Bahubali – a world class piece- made in India 

Very rarely I get compelled to write about any movies. But after watching Bahubali I am mesmerized and thrilled to see how indian (actually South Indian) cinema has come off age. Bahubali is far superior than Troy, 300, crouching tiger hidden dragon or even Mughal e Azam for that matter.

Every piece used in the movie was authentic and looked far convincing. The expression of the artists- even the general public was just right. The cinamatography of every scene was done meticulously. It is a perfect larger than life saga produced by completely indian minds and portraying the indian value system. A perfect example of how women were treated with dignity and a complete rights given to her to find her soul-mate.

I am sure Rajamauli has studied the ancient indian war techniques and also must have studied the book called The art of war. I could find many such scenes which were adapted from these books which I had studied while writing about them for my website.

Many important subjects of agriculture, water harvesting, archeology, Niti shastra, astronomy, war tactics, value based education, indian food science etc. are depicted in the movie just appropriately. Most importantly the the orders to attack were given in Sanskrit which is so true as many armies of various riyasat used to use sanskrit language for daily use. Before British era, it was common to use but after British employed the Indians in British army English got introduced to the army. I remember Gandhi ji had criticised the same openly.

It is time Bollywood takes some lessons from south studios and directors and start making movies with more Indianness. Rather copying it from the west in theme, stories, music, values, lifestyle and even the locations.

The movie has correctly portrayed the pre eslamic era when India was truly prosperous and rich in knowledge and arabs used to come to india only to trade but not to capture the land and loot.

When I used to watch dubbed South Indian movies, I always thought them to be quite emotional, dramatic, just too focused on indian values and better than any regular Hindi movies. This movie has conquered that thought again in my mind.

After movie got over, I was frantically looking for names of any big international studios involved in any part of the production. But I could find only one column with international names. Which makes this movie a perfect example of make in India .

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