An interesting journey to kumbh snana at Haridwar

It is an interesting fact that who doesn’t know what is Kumbh Mela. From Maxico to China, every individual familier with world’s wonders would know what is Kumbh Mela in India.

It was my third kumbh visit at Haridwar this January. Though it is an ardh kumbh- half kumbh which comes after every six years at Haridwar. The city was prepared for the huge crowd and things were well arranged. I reached there by road from Delhi through NH 58 i think. The drive was pleasent and less traffic due to republic day holiday. While reaching near Haridwar, I found Ramdev baba’s research center so thought of checking the place. It wasa huge center with many research centers in inside.

Finally when reached Haridwar, I dipped into the water immediately  and I could feel the hoards of negative energy going out of my body and mind. The freezing cold water was difficult initially but later Gangaji accepted me whole heartedly. The serenity of the place, the belief of millions, the beauty of gangaji, the air of spirituality was visible all over the place. After attending the famous evening ganga arati I felt connected to that divine place and realised why this whole region in considered Dev Bhumi.

On next day went to Rishikesh and famous lakshman zula. Also visited parmarth niketan and other ashrams on the main ghat. Edit

I also went to a town called Massori near Rishikesh. A beautiful town, a center of education, famous for international Doon school where many famous indians have studied. Extremely cold but worth visiting as many beutiful places to see. The most surprising thing was that the restuarent of a famous garden in massori serves only vegetarian food, something I must share with my readers.