Ammaji’s disciple Submitraji in Kisumu

It was truly a pleasure to host Submitraji, the disciple of Ammaji at my residence during his visit to Kisumu this month. When our committee of Sanatan mandir decided to invite him to temple, I quickly thought of hosting him at home to know more about Ammaji and it is always my pleasure to invite such saints in the house.

He was acoompanied by Manish Shah from Nairobi and two other members of his team. Nath and Rupal. Nath is a German guy who is always traveling with Swamiji to donate white Crane to blind schools. After picking up them from the airport, we checked the venue of evening talk and after lunch went to Kibos Blind school. It was really heart warming and touching to see so many blinds in the region not so far from Kisumu. They were truly happy to receive the sticks which can help them to get the direction and a strong support as well.

after the donation drive, we returned and went for the evening talk at the temple. The talk was in English and Hindi mixed which people enjoyed. I learned quite a bit more about the projects Ammaji does and how she has embraced the world by hugging each and every soul she has ever met. It was truly an amazing fact that she has reached out to millions of people and shared their pain and sorrows and given them a motherly comfort which they might have not got from their own family.

Our country is truly great as we keep getting such saints in the country who not only helps Indians but the people world over.