Addressed at an event of Lake Basin College

It is a new beginning of spreading the message of vegetarianism and importance of vegetable farming in the local region on a different platform. When I was invited by Prof. Jack Kamiruka of Lake Basin college, I was puzzled about how the farmers can be connected with the concept of vegetarianism. But when I started understanding the need of the topic, I realized that it has a direct impact on farming and selling the vegetables and grains. Many times, most of the locals end up eating meat is due to non- availability of the vegetables and grains in their respective village.

That is what encouraged me to take this up to speak to the farmers in this forum of Lake Basin Region of Theology wherein the main theme was the Role of the Church as an agent of Change.

After my presentation, I encountered quite a few questions about the protein intake, how to market the crops, how to reach out to end users etc. But the main thing I learned is that the farmers are able to produce but not able to sell directly to the end users. I strongly suggest that our Asian community should be open to buy directly from these farmers and  ensured that they continuously supply the same quality of grains.

I also suggest that we encourage our local farmers to grow the vegetables and grains here within Kisumu region and stop importing from other counties. I feel that we should help these farmers to be independent and we become self sufficient. This will surely create employment as well reduce the cost of living for each of us.

I also recommended to develop a whole sale market wherein these farmers can come together and sell their goods and retailers can directly buy from the wholesalers.

I am really thankful to Prof. Jack for inviting me to speak to the farmers’ and other people of Kisumu.