Women Empowerment in true sense:

We often see many women talk about various perks and facilities to be given to women in corporate sectors, government offices, and other private sectors. We have empowered these women quite well or almost on the verge of it. Government schemes take care of poor Pregnant women, labors, house wives etc. but this segment still comprises of only 25% of the women. Most of the women suffer in the houses because of domestic violence. As the time is getting tougher and competition is growing, the patience of the men is reducing. The expectations are rising above the roof. In such scenario no matter how educated he would be, he looses his control and start beating the wives.
I personally have come across women of industrialists who get beaten very often. Many time it’s because of sadistic pleasure. Other times it’s because of their incapability or handling situation.
The time has come government takes action against such acts, the societies take this matter seriously, parent teach their sons how to treat women(I wonder if mother is getting abused by father, what a son would learn), mothers take active roles in the daughters’ issues.
Media has to give enough coverage to such stories as this is growing like never before. The television shows can cover such stories within their episodes.
Women busy in kitty parties should check if anyone is going through such issues. Give a helping hand and help resolve matter amicably. Rather than gossiping about such issues, support other women as tomorrow you could be next.

Let’s all women be united and help these women. let’s talk to men who understand and want to help. They could take action faster than anybody else.