Why we missed Kerala

Why we missed Kerala: after reading quite a few Articles and knowing malyalis personally, I felt that central govt didn’t do justice to Sabarimala issue. One leading politician of NDA supported Supreme Court. BJP wanted to keep it neutral by not supporting either party. Some RSS supporters said its time to change the traditions. Our dear SWAMI said it’s better to follow the rules. This actually didn’t leave a good impression about the clear stand of the government.

They also thought that this issue was created by bjp in south like ram mandir in north. Clarity in communication would have saved this state.

It also means that bjp had to give some seats to congress hence gave away Kerala which is the hub of terrorists activities.

There are many possibilities but nobody is clearly able to read their minds. Personally we I feel we must save Kerala as that is the origin of so many Acharyas and gurus who hailed from there in the past.

Kerala is definitely our heritage and saviour of hindu dharma in the past. So let’s reciprocate by not leaving them alone but making them walk with us.