Why Make in India looks difficult to me?

Why make in #India looks difficult to me: it is very #disheartening to share that we have a long way to go before we become #manufacturing #hub of our own country forget being able to supply to other countries. We are not able to produce what we consume here. We might be self-sufficient in agricultural products but rest of many things we only import.

I am #refurbishing my #house in #Mumbai which I wanted to do for decades. Finally, this year gave me a chance to do it. While dealing with #interior designer I found that 99% of things used to design a house comes from different countries. In the case of furniture, it’s #Italy or China and few other countries. If we produce in #India it’s obviously more costly compare to #China but less compare to Italy.

Even if we make any furniture here, we import every piece of clothes. Even after that, the finishing of any furniture is not up to #international standard. I tried so hard to make maximum things in India but it was just impossible to get that quality which we are used to of.

The biggest problem is labour. Our people are just not interested in perfection. Every work would need at least 3-4 rounds of corrections. They don’t understand the international standard of quality in making any piece. Though we have created some marvellous monuments, temples, palaces and thousands of art pieces. So where is all that knowledge gone? Where is the problem?
Anyone to comment on it?

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  1. If Indians had the same ethic the Germans have, we would not have this problem. Indian goods are poor quality. We cannot compete with the Chinese. and I wonder sometimes how we make decisions. Take the case of India buying T90 tanks. It will cost more to maintain them and refurbish, than buying top of the line tanks. We can’t make our own tanks because right away corruption becomes part of the deal. Again workmanship becomes an issue–the Arjun a case in point. Maybe all that has changed now, regarding the Arjun tank. So you are correct to wonder were has all the knowledge gone!!

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