Why FDI is not a barometer of success for any government

The opening door to MNCs by Narsimha Rao was the beginning of the blunders of the Indian economy. Though I know that our foreign reserve was less and we had no other choice left. But it didn’t stop there. Currently we are in the process of allowing 100% FDI in India. Which means education, service industry like temples etc. will be controlled by these companies.  Do you think they will only bring products and services and not culture and mindset.

Do we realise that they are not in the country for charity. Whatever they will bring they will take away 100 times more than that to their countries. They do create jobs but make us paralysed to their lifestyle and products. It has changed our daily routine, the whole new thinking about materialistic achievements, endless desire for luxury and absolutely no satisfaction.

Twenty years back people didn’t know the massive use of plastics and other unwanted metals in our daily life. We are on the verge of forgetting the real beauty of nature and it is all about products and desires to get fulfilled. Everyone is trying too hard to sell some or other things as they have targets to achieve by their sales managers. The quality has taken a back step and the desire of the seller rules our lives.

The best example is China. Did any company go to China to invest and prosper the country. Did Chinese asked any country to teach them technology. So why we are not able to gather our strength and build the counter products of everything offered by the west. Surprisingly most of the employees of the top companies in the USA are Indians. Would they have any interests in developing the same thing for India? No, because they can’t get paid so dearly in India.

Yes, bureaucracy is another challenge to build anything world class in the country.  But the time is changing. Let’s support Make In India and make the country prosper.