Why Congress wants to play politics of caste and religion

The media is having sleepless nights due to Gujarat election. BJP is talking about Vikas which means progress and Congress is still stuck on old tricks of caste and religion. Congress leaders are jumping from one temple to another. Trying to please the voters who have seen the difference between pre modi and post modi era.

I think gone are the days when the people of India were innocent and didn’t understand the ploy behind this kind political gimmicks. When they would talk about either upper caste to lower caste or Hindu to Muslim or temples to masjid.

The time has changed. Rahul Gandhi – you may need to open your eyes and check that Indians don’t want to know if Hindus are better or Muslims, at least not from you. We will sort out our religion and caste bar issue on our own. You may just need to concentrate on real issues of unemployment, poverty, environment, corruption, management of the country etc.

You may talk about what you bring on table while talking to voters. Stop playing with emotions of people and start performing. Performance is the key to success.