What’s the future of social media

When I was busy collecting content for my website, many people commented that your social media is not updated. I was forced to start working on social media updates and hired a special team to do it. I will manage that team to keep adding content from my website http://www.hinduscriptures.com to all those accounts. It’s an excellent exercise to reach out to more and more people.

But I also thought this is a fag; it will die out soon. We all know the story of Orkut. But it stayed on for quite some time, and I also accepted that, yes, this is the future.
Today, after seeing the condition of a twit, insta, Fb etc. I feel I was right. I strongly feel that these companies will be irrelevant in coming future due to their approach and stand they have taken.

We also need to remember the case of yahoo. Today that company can’t stand any of these big platforms. Hence I have started writing on my blog and decided to continue updating my website.
Let our blogs and website become our main centre of all work we do. It’s going to be a nightmare to transport all our data from social media platforms to blogs and website.
Another issue is we can’t keep adding new social media platforms because we can’t keep adding new accounts. So eventually, we will be back to websites and blogs. So guys, pls be prepared that tomorrow these companies can be kicked out like cheeeena companies from India.