Tree planting drive in Kisumu

Tree plantation! a direct gift to mother nature! I am glad to start walking on this path of my life. I always felt that we have cut so many trees to learn absolutely mediocre education through those books made out of these trees. Do we really make any sense to manufacture books by cutting trees? do we actually gain any knowledge from those books in our daily lives? I don’t think so. Except the scriptures, important documents of our lives and research materials for the next generation are the few areas which would require papers. Let’s start cutting down the usage and save the planet.

Please join us for tree planting drive on 17th January at DHT school in Kisumu at 8.30 am. It is organised by Hindu Council of Kenya Kisumu and Kenya Vegetarian Club . We will plant more than 300 trees at various schools around DHT and in the town center. We have encouraged the school kids to adopt those trees and care for them in coming years. You may give your names to Vipulbhai Buch to be part of the team. Let’s give a better future to our kids and involve them in this drive.

please make best use of your Sunday for a better future.


tree planting