Theory of non-violence

I was getting lectured by someone on how Indians have been a follower of nonviolence for thousands of years. I asked him to read Indian history in various parallel books written in the last two thousand years. Not the textbooks of schools in India. We have seen the Great War of Mahabharata which was about right vs wrong on a large scale. Krishna spoke about it Bhagwad Gita as well on how and when to fight. So why we have become so meek and mere spectator to any wrong happenings to women around us. Be it rape or forced marriage. If Hindu men follow the path of all our gods nobody takes even think of touching women in India.
Theory of nonviolence which got propagated in the last two thousand years was the product of Jainism and Buddhism and got practiced by people wrongly. Even they don’t ask you to sit in meditation when your family, society or country is under attack. Many Kshatriyas were not ready to fight due to these philosophies when invaders were attacking us. It was a great loss due Kshatriyas gave up these arms.
We are unnecessarily bashing Gandhiji for that but he was also the product of the same brainwashing happened to us in last two thousand years. It’s time to teach your sons on how to protect women around them in schools, colleges, and workplaces from the peaceful’s agenda.
Those Hindus who call themselves religious need to learn from every Avataras of Vishnu as when to raise arms to protect the vulnerable.