The spirit of Jugaad

Most innovations have come out of cheap alternatives when people worked under great resource constraints but had to innovate to come out of trying situations. This is known as jugaad and is now accepted as a promising alternative which is also cost effective and works well in Indian situations. In the West, scientists sit in expensive labs carrying out their R and D flush with funds to support them. In India or in other third world countries the students, or the farmer or the housewife innovates due to extreme necessity. Management gurus are now recognizing and even applauding these out of the box solutions and call it frugal innovation. How I wish I had such simple machines to make my daily tasks easier.

Jugaad in Punjabi or Hindi literally means a difficult task made easier with cheap innovation. I am quite amazed by some of these innovations. Some are very useful while some are downright hilarious.


The nut sheller which is a simple innovation capable of shelling 50 kg of raw, sundried peanuts per hour.


A simple water lifting device. Image


The bullock operated sprayer is pulled by a pair of bullocks and gets the drive from the ground through a gear box and belt pulley system.Image

These innovations especially in farming and agriculture will b e very useful for farmers anywhere in the world.

Salute the spirit of Jugaad.