The Joy of Giving

The festive season is always a wonderful time where we spend on clothes, sweets and gifts. Exchanging these with our friends and family and gifting something special to our near and dear ones has always been in our culture. It is also that time of the year when we express our thanks to all those who work for us, our housekeeper, our maid, our cook, driver, cleaner and such others  who see that our lives go on smoothly all through the year. It is also that time of the year when all those whom we may not get to see normally like the watchman, postman etc who will come to receive the diwali gift. So it is a season when everyone looks forward to gifts. Employees get sweet boxes or dry fruits, bonus or other such material gifts. What about the homeless, the destitute or those who do not have anyone to care for them. They may be mere numbers in the citizen list but this is also the time when we need to think of such under privileged.

I have been getting many forwards asking people to keep small packets of sweets or clothes which are not very old but which we can give away. These can be kept handy next to our seat in the car or carried in a small bag if we are walking along and we can distribute them to those that always come from the shadows near signals or subways. There is truly something fulfilling when we give with love to the less fortunate in society. I think it is a good move to send such messages on social media and if many likeminded people participate we can bring joy atleast in a few faces.