Temple Visit across world

It is such a pleasure to visit temples in any part of the world. There is something magical about the ambience and you feel connected to the divine when you are there. Maybe it is because of all the rituals and pujas that are conducted inside which creates vibrations that rub onto us when we visit them. The silence also helps us to connect with god easily, no wonder they say it is only in the depths of silence you can hear the voice of god.

Also our scriptures talk about shilpa shastras and vastu shastras which deal with design, architecture and the science of building temples, forts, houses etc. The vast spaces in the temples have a deeply significant purpose for energy flows in these spaces and we can carry the positivity with us when we return from there. I truly felt these when I visited the Sanatan Hindu temple at Wembley. It is extremely beautiful and the well-carved walls are exquisite. The entire temple is very well maintained. When significant incidents from the epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and our Puranas are put up on the walls they also serve as a link for the visitors with our glorious culture and traditions. These walls speak so well that visitors are engrossed in absorbing the message conveyed by these walls. By putting up images of popular men and women who have inspired others the temple also seeks to be inclusive and is seen as promoting values which are common for all like compassion, love and service.