Ringing in the New Year with Resolutions


Yet another year draws to a close. Everyone looks forward to a fresh beginning. It has been a mixed bag this year. Trump’s win is poised to change the way the US is seen in the world. Many areas of the world are still marred by war, senseless violence, devastation and homelessness. Drug fuelled lives continue to claim many talented lives. Demonetization changed many things in India. People have adjusted to living within tight budgets. Nature’s fury has resulted in unseasonal floods, droughts and other calamities in many parts of the world.

Looking back we can see how many things could have been avoided if only we had led more responsible lives with consideration for others. That is what the world currently lacks. Expanding waistlines can be treated with diet and exercise but how do we set right contracting hearts. If the heart has to expand and accommodate goodness, a lot of self-effort is needed. We need to look beyond our self, but unfortunately the I, me, mine syndrome seems to be difficult to move away from.

Let us resolve to be a wee bit more loving and forgiving.

Let us resolve to include not just us and ours but also others in that circle of love.

Let us resolve to include other life forms also in our thoughts and prayers.

Let us resolve to preserve nature and prevent its exploitation in the coming year.

May the New Year bring us all happiness and cheer!