Priming the mind using social media


How to break the cycle of habits and start something afresh? Many of us make New Year Resolutions but we are not able to stick on to them for long. This is more so when it comes to things like diet, exercise etc. We want to do it but somehow end up not doing it. I am sure you have all faced these dilemmas and I am not alone in this.  I recently read an article which explains how we can use our social media to help us sort out many things. We use it for a limited purpose for sending messages or forwards. But we can use it to break habits also.

If we start having discussions on our social groups on the need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, switching over to a healthy food plan etc, then we will be able to take the discussion towards this particular task and it would be easy to follow it. This is backed by research as the article goes on to explain. Exposure to social-based messages promotes healthy eating which can actually increase consumption of fruit and vegetables and reduce consumption of high-calorie snacks. I think sub consciously the mind keeps getting bombarded by such similar messages that it starts attuning itself around it. They call this priming the mind which is an effective technique.

Advertisements make use of this priming effect by floating images of products which we reach out for when we go shopping. So why not use the same trick for getting something good done, I think it is a good idea. Likeminded people can motivate one another.