Man vs Wild, Narendra Modi

Wow! Wow! No words to explain. Modiji has gone beyond anybody’s imagination. His creativity is worth appreciating. Saving the environment is my favorite subject too; I have done quite a few projects towards that through my Kenya Vegetarian Club.

A van for the show, Man vs Wild, which command air in India on 12 August, reveals the two men making within forests, snuffing animal feces and gliding down a river on a substitute raft. In one uproar, Modi endures an improvised bayonet and tells Grylls: “I’ll hold this for you.”

The show is the tardiest of Modi’s choreographed interpretations surfaces where the strongman director casts himself as a figure of masculinity, strength and sound health – a cast that pleases to his party’s nationalist voter basis.
A must watch show coming up on Discovery Channel. Not only see it but implement it as well whenever possible, if environment is not protected we all will die a miserable death.

India Budget

Budget India: quite interesting to know many new schemes and development ideas are explored. I will not repeat them. But I missed seeing more subsidies for manufacturing companies in the form of tax relief or land at a lower price or less paperwork. Like the Gujarat model, we need to give one window clearance to those who subscribe to make in India model.
We still have not initiated any move on making mobiles in the country. Giving ways to Samsung to get produced in India is not enough. We don’t have our brand for mobiles. Similar to computers, we must be the largest consumer of laptop and desktops. We only one fully Indian brand. Very similar to the operating system. Windows operating system is available in all other international languages but not in Hindi. Why?
In all, there is only one fully Indian company compare to ten foreign companies in every sector.
It’s time we take gigantic steps to reduce the cost of production to compete China at least in SMEs. Maybe we are not capable of beating the giants but it’s time we support cottage industries and other handicrafts which is also almost taken over by Chinese products.
My list is endless. May be some other time

Ministry Of Water

It is a long pending work done by BJP govt. we as a general public always knew that water reservoir is depleting. But no previous govt could think about it. On one side, we are wasting millions of gallons of water due to lack of rain water harvesting and other side people are dying due to lack of water.
One again I want to say that going back to Vedic lifestyle is the only solution for this planet to survive. Last few generations have exploited natural resources so badly, equivalent to resources which next 100 generations would have used happily.
On the name of evolution we have spoiled the earth, drinkable water is soon going to be disappeared if we continue like this. Let’s see the importance of water in our life.
Please save water and save planet.

Sustainable Industry

A nice and interactive session on sustainability of the businesses keeping natural resources in the center. Yes we all need to grow in various industries and participate in country’s growth. But we shouldn’t forget that we can’t do it at the cost of nature and deplete natural resources. We have to leave something behind for he next generations. We have to develop technology to find solutions how to feed billions who starve to death. On one side we waste too much of food in five stars and many events and other side we have no food to these people.
So disparity in distribution of food is the biggest challenge. Our grains are getting rotten in the warehouses due to lack of distribution channels. We are not able to utilise NGOs properly as 90% of them come with other agendas. Neither business houses nor government is fully equipped to solve the problem of food.
Let’s make an effort to bring these issues to the notice of the government and semi- governments.

One Vote, One Country

Why one nation one election is required: india is the only country which stays busy throughout the year for elections after elections. It keeps everyone anxious and most productive days of all the MPs go waste as they have to prepare for the elections no matter what. It is also a perfect opportunity for hawala and all sorts of money laundering.
It is a complete waste of so many types of resources like election materials, hoardings, time of the party workers, electricity, natural resources, water and the list is endless. It’s time this govt works more proactively and implement the law.
Let’s all support the idea so that we save billions of rupees going waste every year after this very expensive process of electoral and save money for the development of the nation

Theory of non-violence

I was getting lectured by someone on how Indians have been a follower of nonviolence for thousands of years. I asked him to read Indian history in various parallel books written in the last two thousand years. Not the textbooks of schools in India. We have seen the Great War of Mahabharata which was about right vs wrong on a large scale. Krishna spoke about it Bhagwad Gita as well on how and when to fight. So why we have become so meek and mere spectator to any wrong happenings to women around us. Be it rape or forced marriage. If Hindu men follow the path of all our gods nobody takes even think of touching women in India.
Theory of nonviolence which got propagated in the last two thousand years was the product of Jainism and Buddhism and got practiced by people wrongly. Even they don’t ask you to sit in meditation when your family, society or country is under attack. Many Kshatriyas were not ready to fight due to these philosophies when invaders were attacking us. It was a great loss due Kshatriyas gave up these arms.
We are unnecessarily bashing Gandhiji for that but he was also the product of the same brainwashing happened to us in last two thousand years. It’s time to teach your sons on how to protect women around them in schools, colleges, and workplaces from the peaceful’s agenda.
Those Hindus who call themselves religious need to learn from every Avataras of Vishnu as when to raise arms to protect the vulnerable.

Darshanam – part of navadha Bhakti

A beautiful Darshan of mangos offered to Shreenathji. It may sound so religious but we often forget to relate such small traditions to our lives. Have you ever noticed that we offer different kinds of naivadya to the god according to the season. Something which we should be eating during for good health and wellness is often attached to such acts.

The traditions followed in the temples are suppose to be followed by us in our daily routine. But we have completely forgotten to connect with them. Recently whenever I have visited any temples in Mumbai, I only found people of older age. They looked at me as If I am an alien as none of my age mates go to there much. It is so out of the fashion. It is so just not done scene for them.

I wonder whom to consider responsible for this. Our older generation who got too busy in making money or the government who was only busy selling our country to MNCs who brought shitty products with dirty culture.

Dharmo bhakshati bhakshitaha

#Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha: But today it’s Dharmo #bhakshati bhakshitaha. It’s time we realise and acknowledge the true gurus and #spiritualleaders. Because we are gullible they take full advantage of our time, resources and money. We have made them great by our foolishness. They enjoy #luxury donated by us. Which they are suppose to use for the welfare of the people.

In today’s time it’s a dire need to help tribals, poor people, so called poor #Dalits to give them confidence in our million years old belief system, #culture and heritage. Instead gurus get caught into the trap of the politics of religion and make fool out of themselves.

They need a grooming lesson on how not to critisise other samrpaday of the same Vedic religion, don’t snatch others’ followers rather create a new set of audience for yourself, don’t get caught on property disputes rather settle the matters amicably, don’t practise any failed rituals like black…..sort of things and kill people for that on the name of Ahuti.

The main thing to do is learn #Veda, #Purana, and other Hindu Scriptures and share the knowledge given there and not to invent your own half cooked theories. As such we have created so many #Sampraday and #Panths in last few hundred years which make no sense.

The close aids who work with them on full time basis should know how to behave, learn a bit of #English, understand how to handle media, don’t get trapped by followers and avoid indecent proposals.

I have spent a lot of time in various #ashrams and with #gurus. Mostly they were supportive and I didn’t find anything fishy. But I also noticed that they are too naive to get trapped by all the said issues. They are not techno savvy and lack #presentation capability.

Narendra Modi Amitshah Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Vhp America NRI4NaMo Swami Ramdev Srisriravishankar

When politics enter religion

I am not very happy to share this video as I personally believe in pluralism and respecting other schools of thought. But we Hindus have been victim of this conversion factory for hundreds of years. Many of our societies and villages are fully converted and became brewing grounds of terrorism. Hence this is the only way out.

It’s time our temples, spiritual gurus, other institutes open the doors for these wanderer souls, we will not be able to live peacefully.

It’s truly important to follow the religion of the land or the place we hail from. It gives satisfaction, cultural identity, stay connected with our original roots.

It also helps to avoid identity crisis and lack of confidence.

Let’s all celebrate hindu way of life practised for thousands of years by following

What do you think?

Why we missed Kerala

Why we missed Kerala: after reading quite a few Articles and knowing malyalis personally, I felt that central govt didn’t do justice to Sabarimala issue. One leading politician of NDA supported Supreme Court. BJP wanted to keep it neutral by not supporting either party. Some RSS supporters said its time to change the traditions. Our dear SWAMI said it’s better to follow the rules. This actually didn’t leave a good impression about the clear stand of the government.

They also thought that this issue was created by bjp in south like ram mandir in north. Clarity in communication would have saved this state.

It also means that bjp had to give some seats to congress hence gave away Kerala which is the hub of terrorists activities.

There are many possibilities but nobody is clearly able to read their minds. Personally we I feel we must save Kerala as that is the origin of so many Acharyas and gurus who hailed from there in the past.

Kerala is definitely our heritage and saviour of hindu dharma in the past. So let’s reciprocate by not leaving them alone but making them walk with us.

Midday Gujarati

An article on our website . It’s covered by Midday Gujarati – newspaper in Mumbai.

Sometimes journalists gives better narration than us about our own work. The journalist of this article told me that I am only Gujarati to touch this difficult subject in entire Gujarati samaj in india and outside india. May be only woman who has worked on this subject as this is mostly done by men. But I told her that most of my research team of scriptures, sanskrit language and Vedantic topics were written by women professors from Deccan college in Pune and few other places.

There are many websites having scriptures digitised but they don’t cover entire Hindu Scriptures , culture, history, heritage, outer details of india. So this is our one stop portal for all of above. I hope my readers are able to get good advantage of the content.

Why promote hindu scriptures

Hindu Scriptures many have asked me why I am promoting this kind of boring, outdated, irrelevant scriptures and content. My answer to them is when I read only few of them with basic understanding of #Vedicphilosophy, #Sampraday, various schools of thoughts, I was so impressed 17 years back that I just couldn’t resist but to put them to public platforms and internet was the best option available. This is the only media I knew than and also was sure that internet will change the world drastically. It came true. We all know that.

I have read every possible best sellers available than and realised that they are quite shallow.

When I looked for depth I drowned into the ocean of indian scriptures and I am still submerged into it. Just don’t want to come out of it.

Also note that I am not a #scholar or #pandit or Sadhvi or even got any formal degree into #Vedic scriptures. I am here only to promote this knowledge, the Vedic Pathshalas, scholars who have mastered the scriptures, the hindu lifestyle, #templerituals, #culture and our #heritage through #websites and #books.

You may look for the #authentic and genuine information about those subjects on our website which I and my team have written after collecting content from various #ashrams, #gurus, #colleges, #universities across india.

I called myself editor as per the recommendation of my team as I lead the project. Recently we have decided to invite our readers to write for the website and get recognised for their contribution.

You may refer for more details. We have our own set of readers and supporters who like our work.

It was quite encouraging to get the blessings of #Modiji for our project.

Cow protection

#Cowprotection: first of all, those who are against it, can u confirm if you have gone #vegan and stop taking all #dairy products. Those brilliant #economists question how cow plays any role in economy, please note that cow #milk, butter, cow #dung, #urine are extremely useful to human kinds. Cow Dung is the most preferred manure for the farming. Good number of cows can remove artificial #fertilisers completely from the #agriculture sector. Cow urine can give tough competition to #Pharma companies specially for many dangerous diseases like #cancer. Everyone knows cow milk #A2 is the best milk which can rectify so many birth #defects, mental diseases, improves immunity which directly affects many health drinks. One glass of cow milk is complete meal having every possible #nutrients required. This is how we have lived for thousands of years. None of the modern #supplements were there at the time of your grand father. And they enjoyed better health, #longevity and #stamina than us. cow is the only animal which inhales #oxygen and exhales the same hence extremely useful for environment. Hope it gives you a clear indication that why some people want to kill the cow and eat because they are anti- progress and want you to be their slave. Please don’t throw arguments of #western world eating #beef all the time. They are also paying price of their mental and physical health heavily due to the same reason. This is the biggest reason for them to turn #vegan as well. If one family has one cow it can solve all the problems in one go, milk, fertiliser, vegetable farming, grain farming, anti repellent, good immune system, can avoid medicine through out life, strong Mind and heart.

#Modiji’s idea of one cow per family is really apt as that will resolve so many issues as mentioned. Hope you know why media is making mockery of cow protection because they are protected by goon #MNCs.

Let’s, partially if not fully, roll back to our traditional lifestyle to save nature, environment, health and human kind.

Let’s bring back #Modi government who can atleast deliver few things compare to thugbandhan government who is collated only to defeat Narendra Modi

#firekbarmodisarkar NRI4NaMo Vijay M Chauthaiwale #amitshah #RSS

Irony of Indian voters

I feel so weird to read and know that so called elite of the society in india is just don’t want to vote as if they don’t belong to this nation. After contacting almost 600 families in last two days I found that most of them are out of the country or city to make most of these 5 days long so called holidays. Are they blind or just too arrogant to know the fact that voting is our duty. It’s really strange that any sort of #education is not making them responsible or connected with the country. It’s only the worker and middle class who care to vote as they have some cultural ties with the country and feel responsible towards the society.

On other side, NRIs living in different parts of the world care so much for the country that they didn’t mind Traveling thousands of miles just to come and vote. Irrespective of their class, money, profession or any other commitments whatsoever.

Newspapers like TOI writes more about why people will not vote as if it’s optional in life and not required if you are tied up with other commitments like birthday parties, work schedule, meetings, travel etc.

This actually shows the level of modern education is. Specially the English convent #international boards which makes you globally aware but locally dumb and deaf.

It’s time to bring back Vedic Education system in the mainstream of indian education system to make us more nationalists and proud indian. Not another junk of professionals to serve MNCs.

Let’s support Modiji to work towards this dream.

Mumbaikar vote this Monday

#Mumbaivoters – please wake up. It’s your turn this #Monday to show that you care for the #country. I know it’s tempting to go out of the city for a long #weekend but hang on! If you don’t vote this time you will hit a block in near future when you will be snatched away your freedom and money as #INCindia is expert in #looting money. if you middle class, upper middle class and of course the rich ones don’t react now. They want to give freebies of 72000 each to 5 cr people from your pocket.

The #elite might not have a problem as they can easily move out of #India but remember money which you take with you is earned on this soil and #thousands of people have worked so that you reach here. So if not for yourself than atleast vote for your staff and others who have made you rich.

Let’s kill the temptation of a long weekend and go out and #vote. It’s your #right and #power and please use it wisely.

Because we don’t vote the #goons get an upper hand with #slum dwellers and poor people are forced to #vote for them.

I am currently in #Mumbai to support the voting this Monday. I have created a list of 800 #families known to me who is going to receive messages from #Friday till #Monday to remind them to vote. You may do the same. Talk to your family and friends and encourage them to go out.

Create groups on #whatsapp and send #messages, call them or go and visit them whom you think will not vote.,

#MaiBhiChaukidar #bjp #NRIforModi Narendra Modi #firekbarmodisarkar #saynotoNATO #votekar

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