Opinion on CAB Protest

#CAB protest: unfortunately #youth of the country is so excited to protest this bill as if they are fighting for freedom from #British. It looks so funny that most of them don’t even know what is this protest about. Many just appear because they have never seen any such protests in their lives. Some attend because they are curious about what is new happening in the country. Some come just to take a stroll in public parks for time pass. Many rebellion kinds of people come because they just want to fight anything and everything. Whether it matters to them or not. I even saw a Parsi actor, who himself is a refugee in this country is asking not to give shelter to hindus.

And last but not least many #peacefuls appear because rioting is in their #blood and they don’t want to miss any opportunity to destroy public properties of the country which they are fighting to stay in.
It is the weirdest logic I have ever seen. If you love #India so much and fighting to live in the #country, why do you destroy country’s wealth. The fact is, they don’t love India, they love their #religion over everything else. So anything happening even closest to the name of their #religion, they start destroying things around them. And they expect us to be #liberal#secular and well mannered and we shouldn’t retaliate and stop them. It is ok if they behave like #junglees, why? Because they are peacefuls.