Official inauguration of reforestation program 

Kenya Vegetarian Club officially inaugurated the reforestation program in Kisumu county with the donation of Muringa seeds. The program was initiated in Ketito village with the local farmers who have ready to plough lands. The group of farmers representing various small villages around came forward to commit their lands for the reforestation program. Each farmer has committed atleast an acre of land for reforestation.

I am thankful to the the villagers who have responded to our appeal of the program and initiated the seed planting.

Our intention of donation of Muringa seeds as they can be directly planted into the farm and has many medicinal properties.

We are planning to plant more than fifty thousand trees in Kisumu region. We have identified locations for thirtee thousand trees but still looking for more places. If any of my readers know any farmers or people who would be interested in th program please feel free to call us.