My experience at Ujjain Kumbh Mela

It was such a wonderful break from emails, whatsapp and mobiles as most of the time these didn’t work and also I didn’t even feel like touching it.

Kumbh is the best example of how people are self controlled, self-managed and very disciplined as even a troop of 20000 army and para military groups can not control the crowd. I saw them working tirelessly all round the day. It is also a symbol of charity as 90% of the visitors are served food by different akhadas and spiritual organisations.

The kumbh is ruled by naga sadhus who have the first right to bath in the water in the early morning muhurut. They can’t be stopped, controlled or be told by even the chief minister of the state.

I stayed awake for two nights to see the bhasma arati at mahakaleshwar and to see naga bawa and others take a holy dip in the water first thing in the morning on shahi snan day. We could manage to do some puja in the premises of mahakaleshwar in such times when there was no possibility of even getting darshan of mahakal.

I couldn’t believe that millions of people wait for both the things but don’t even get glimpse of any of them in their best times. I was blessed to see both of it early morning.