Meeting the Prime Minister

Vaishali Shah with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

MEETING THE PRIME MINISTER: Dear shri Narendra Modi please accept our wishes for winning this election, for breaking many records of past PMs, for reassuring our faith in democracy, for giving us hope and assurance that the country is in safe hands, for letting us sleep without any major terror attacks in last 5 yrs and for next 5 yrs, saving d democracy, for crushing the dynasty ruled congress party, for reestablishing dharma, for giving guidance to youngsters, for making NRIs proud of their motherland, for supporting Muslim women, helping women in their kitchen by cylinders, and hundreds of such projects which have directly touched the lives of millions across the country.
It was truly my pleasure meeting u when you were in Kenya and signed my books – hindu culture and lifestyle studies and The veg safari. your support to my project Hindu Scriptures has been extremely fruitful and I am truly thankful to you.

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