Krishna explains the tamasic nature of humans

We have discussed the satvik and rajasic nature of the humans earlier. Today we will discuss the tamasic nature of the human mind. It is very interesting to know that our mind plays all three nature all the time and may be for the same topic and incident.

The most difficult aspect of human nature is to fight within himself when he feels lazy, angry or lethargic. These are the signs of tamasic nature. Though all three things are important in one’s life but when tamasic nature increases it results in many problems and failures. 

While I was going through the fourteenth chapter to know more about all three modes of nature, I realised that Krishna has narrated the effect of each nature so clearly that one can never miss to understand and implement the right swabhava in life. This chapter also proves that studying of Bhagwad Geeta is possible by any human being, be it from other religions too. As these aspects of personality are found in any human being. Even the animals enjoy the same modes of nature but to a lesser degree. 

There are many other aspects of tamasic nature too. One with delusion or madness or lack of knowledge is also considered to be tamasic. As I mentioned earlier, the degree of each nature is important. The best example of an extremely tamasic person is a killer or a thief or a cheat. These people suffer from a high degree of tamas in them hence inspired to commit any heinous crime. The saddest part of these acts is that one continues committing such crimes till he doesn’t get blessings of the Ishwar or his heart changes or he tries very hard to get out of the cycle of wrong doings. Such people always run away from the sattvic person, can’t manage to stay in religious or holy places, prefer the company of similar types of people, like to indulge into all sorts of intoxication, disrespect gurus or elders, love to wander at night, always lie for every small thing. When you come across anyone with any of these qualities or you suffer from such symptoms, know that you are suffering from tamasic nature. Many asuri powers can rule such people easily. They also become victims of any such ill effects and can be dragged into wrong doings easily. 

Krishna further says that one with a high degree of tamas has a limited chance of getting the human life again. That soul goes down to the animal planets or patal loka. Which is a degrade of a soul and it happens because he couldn’t give tamas guna of his nature. Most of us think that we are bound by our destiny hence it makes no difference if we try to change. But this chapter clarifies that doubt that we all have a free-will due to which we can always elevate ourselves from the lower state of mind to higher state of mind. This is an upward journey, not downward.

In twenty sixth shloka of the fourteenth chapter says that one who surrenders to him and engages himself into any devotional services, can easily outgrow all three modes of nature. It is truly amazing to find that Krishna explains the problems of jeeva and at the same time gives solutions for each problem in the same chapter or the whole Geeta. 

He also clarifies that one need not give up the society or material world but should follow varna ashram and perform duties based on that. The prescribed duties of each varna become the gateway to reach Krishna by overpowering all three modes of nature. When one is challenged by opponents while on the path of dharma, one shouldn’t become weak or fear anything or anyone. Also, the false compassion for any criminal or people who are on the wrong path should be avoided while worshiping Krishna and to get his blessings.

We will discuss other topics from Bhagwad Geeta in the next articles.