Krishna explains the modern science and Vaikuntha

As many so-called researchers and other believers have claimed that Bhagwad Geeta doesn’t talk about moksha or nirvana. But I am sure they have never studied this scripture in detail hence they claim the same thing.

Last time we discussed how Krishna has compared this world with the Banyan tree in the fifteenth chapter. In the same chapter, in shloka number six, I found Krishna explains how the Vaikuntha looks like. He says that that higher place is not surrounded by sun and moon, or fire and electricity. This means that the Vaikuntha he is talking about is a much higher place than comparing to this galaxy or universe. It also means that one should aim to reach such a place which is beyond the material world. Many of us always thought that the material world ends the moment we leave the surface of the mother earth. But this shloka proves that the definition of the material world includes the universe also. I can’t imagine a place that is beyond this solar system that we have studied so far. But our scriptures also mention that there are millions of such milky ways and universes in this whole place where we reside. 

Very easily and casually Krishna has explained so many things in just one shloka. This also proves our knowledge about the planetary system, astronomy, and other modern sciences we follow today’s time. 

Further, he instructs Arjuna that those who worship me should think about reaching this place from where one never comes back. This gives us a goal in our life about what we should seek and ask for. If we don’t ask the right thing in life, we don’t get it. The twelfth shloka of the same chapter further clarifies what Krishna is. He clearly states that the glory of the sun comes from him and so as the shine of the moon. This again helps us to understand his stature which is larger than all other devatas who control different duties of the universe. It is truly amazing to find that there is some power or some supernatural element that controls this universe and binds it in a constructive way. 

Further, he still confirms how he controls the universe in the thirteenth shloka where he clearly says that he enters into each planet. These planets stay in orbit due to his energy. What a wonderful revelation we get here. Indirectly, Krishna proved that we knew about astronomy so much in detail that we knew that the planets stay in the orbit in one particular position and moves in a set direction. Many of them don’t change their routes and speed of the movements. But we also have stars or comets or planets which move away from their original position. 

What we have learned in science that all kinds of vegetation get their energy from the moon. The way the moon works on our mind also works on the growth and taste of the vegetables. He further says that he is the main nectar or juice of the vegetables which we all enjoy. Here he again proved the theory of the modern science we learn in our basic schools. Many scientists in the recent past have claimed many such revelations as their own discoveries or research. But because we have stopped learning our scriptures, we have no idea what is written there. 

Those readers, who claim that all the theories of modern science were researched and revealed to us by western scientists should read Bhagwad Geeta more in detail.