Kenya Vegetarian Club promotes tree plantation

It is the first tree planting drive by Kenya vegetarian club in association with Hindu Council of Kenya Kisumu branch on 17th January 2016. I am so glad to see the participants of various schools in Kisumu. It showed the zeal of the students how much they are eager to learn something new and also respond to the dire condition of mother nature.

The students of various schools like MM Shah School, Muslim Secondary school, Highway Secondary school, St. Theresa School, Kisumu Girls School, Jalaram Academy School, Kisumu Junior Academy and Kisumu Senior Academy whole heartedly participated in the drive. The club wanted to encourage the students to adopt each tree and nurture it in coming years. More than 150 kids came out on a Sunday morning to support the drive with full enthusiasm in all different schools.

Gugu Panesar, the chairperson of Hindu Council of Kenya Kisumu branch shared his views on tree plantation and supported the cause of Vegetarian club. Our team members transferred the trees from Kakamega Forest donated by our friend to all the schools, donated manure and also organised a good team to help the kids to plan the trees.

I also would like to thank Vipulbhai to help me to manage the team and also thankful to all team members who visited the schools while the planting was taking place.