Indore city- an example of women’s lib in our History

Indore city was beautified and ruled by Ahilyabai Holkar in the late 17th century. It is a great example of how a woman could change the city from dust to a beautiful town.

When she found that her son was not capable of holding onto the crown taking forward the legacy of the family, she decided to spend every penny of her kingdom to build various Shiv temples across India, build schools and monuments and various sources of water and other facilities for her people.

The city is mostly very clean with most of the modern amenities but has treasured the valuable monuments of history very well.

I personally liked the city very much as it was a perfect combination of history and modern lifestyle. I saw few Shiv temples, Ganesh temples, laal baugh and old market area. The city has a combination of Maharashtrians, Gujaratis and Rajputs.

One of the Shiv temples I visited had an excellent mirror work done and can be seen as an example of this very old art in modern times.