Indians leading MNCs

So many Indians are leading the international giants. Twitter is the next one. But I wonder why none of them come up with any pro-India content or policies.

The MNCs hire Indian CEOs because they don’t want India to develop its products like China.

Most of these companies are successful because of Indian followers and users. It’s sheer a number-game. Why we don’t get it that we don’t need these giants, they need us. All we have to do is to build our platforms and make them popular.

How long will we be at the mercy of these companies?

JIO could have its SM products, but they missed it by letting FB invest in them. Jio he the largest pool of databases. They can serve two FB’s, 3 Twitter and 5 LinkedIn on their own.

I see this change purely due to their fear of seeing Indians developing the same on Indian soil.