Indians don’t cry enough

The biggest problem with Us is we never cried enough to draw attention of UN or international media in last seventy years. Before that there was none to hear our plea and sufferings we were going through.

We never accepted that we are getting slaughtered only because of our religious identity or preference for last 1400 years. We never cried victim card enough to draw attention of the public across the world. We never accepted that our own people were getting butchered because of the ideology they believed it.

It’s time we are seen crying over our issues in all the countries across the world. With crowd gatherings outside embassies, public parks, interviews in local medias, show remorse and our pain to even those people who are not relevant at all. Till we don’t reach the minds of the people across the world, they will not recognize the pain we are going through.

It’s time to make our organisations more valid, official, authentic, genuine, under tax rebate as per the law of the respective countries. This will increase the weightage of what we want to say. Others will have no choice but to hear us.
Ensure that we cover the maximum space of the newspapers or TV or social media with our sobbing pictures, dead bodies of Kashmiris, gruesome killings of girls by their boy friends or husbands. It’s happening everyday in our neighbouring countries. They don’t have any shame in admitting those crimes. So why we shy away in accepting the fact that we are getting tortured only because of our religious identity. I have wondered why the world wants to stop believing in what we believed for millions of years. I wonder what browny points they will get.

Pls learn to cry very loud and clear.