Indian Education System

The biggest problem with the Indian government is they are asking the general public to contribute or comment on what they think about changing the content. Please note that the public is least bothered about what is being taught in the school. They all have studied the same school material and know it is useless in practical life. They still want their kids to learn the same content only to remain in the so-called league, social acceptance and lack of options.

It’s better to speak to the scholars of modern times and traditional Vedic schools and decide the content. Also, ensure that there is only one syllabus across the country and only one Indian board.

Rest all other activities like yoga, Ayurveda, NCC, karate, and home science should be part of every school. Organic Farming, water conservation, irrigation techniques, saving forests, saving the soil, plastic-free lifestyle should be the core of any teachings.

The most important is skill development which should start from 10 years onwards. As per the choice of the student and also gender-based.

Designing the content for the school is not as tricky as the way many people portray it. As we are talking about KG till the 10th only initially. People like us with multiple degrees can quickly think through what is essential for the kids.

I have done some series on what should be part of the education system on our YouTube channel.